Best SEO Tools: Complete List 2023 Update​

By Ajay Paghdal

This SEO tools guide has EVERYTHING you need to pick the perfect SEO software. We personally reviewed 234 free and paid tools and here are the top 10 overall tools based on user votes.

The entire full review list is below so read the summaries, watch videos, and upvote your favorites.

Finding your perfect search engine optimization tool is just a click away!

Whether you need tools for link building, keyword research, technical website audit, or for any other SEO-related purpose, you’ll find the right one here in no time.

Best SEO Tools for 2023 [Full List]

Linkio is an off-page SEO tool with core features centered around rank tracking, backlink monitoring, SERP link analysis, and anchor text suggestions.

Linkio’s toolset that helps you succeed with link building. You start by adding your keywords to the rank tracker.

Next, Linkio pulls the backlinks for your ranking page and further analyzes them to form your baseline.

After that, Linkio grabs the top 10 Google results for that keyword and crunches all of their backlink data.

Using that information, Linkio lets you know how your backlink profile stacks up and what anchors to build next to beat them.

The base package is fully featured and affordable at $19.99/month. is Backlink Checking Tool

Your off-page SEO campaign can be monitored by the most convenient program we made. Linkbox service provides a service really worth investing for. Works in backlink building such as supervising is not an effortless task and would require much of your time. With linkbox, every little thing will be programmed. The utilization of it is practical for your own personal sites or even your own customers. The application does its works without fail DAY-TO-DAY.


Whatagraph automates the analytics reporting process by collecting data from marketing channels and presenting it as visual infographic reports. You can generate a quick overview of your website and social media performance in seconds and instantly share the reports with clients and teams.

Digital marketing agencies and businesses use Whatagraph to save time and present analytics data in a way their clients and teams can easily understand.

  • Use visual reports to help you track and understand the data behind your website, e-commerce site, and digital campaign performance.
  • Set up automated report delivery to selected email recipients, so everyone is up-to-date with the latest data.
  • Create custom reports with selected metrics, add your own logo, and change the color scheme.
  • Generate your reports within seconds and download PDF straight from the dashboard or your email.

Whatagraph clients:

  • Are simplifying the process of sharing analytics data between departments and their clients.
  • Find infographic reports are more engaging and more helpful in understanding key analytics data.
  • Save time by preparing targeted reports and deliver them more frequently.

With SerpWatch you can get a complete overview of all over your projects. By transforming raw page-performance data into meaningful reports that track progress, you’ll be able to highlight opportunities and pinpoint problems. Get customizable SEO performance notifications based on criteria you define. It’s like having a devoted assistant keeping watch over your websites 24 hours a day.


SEO PowerSuite provides reliable rank tracking, backlink & keyword research, anti-penalty link audit, full website content optimization, effective outreach and link management.

You can get a lot of separate reports using which you can do a lot of SEO and marketing analysis.

In addition, there is an option to combine different tools to see how they work together.

There are both free and paid premium versions available.


Sitechecker stands out among the competitors because, in addition to the standard services (analysis of positions, checking backlinks), which everyone has, we have functionalities that few competitors on the market can suggest to you. They include:

– Site Audit for all errors 
– Integration of Google Analytics and Google Search Console
– Chrome-extension, with which you can audit the page in the Browser  
– Constant monitoring of the site, etc.


Keyword Revealer combines all possible actions that might be used when working with keywords, rank tracking, competitive analysis and other exciting SEO tools. It is an easy-to-use tool that can be used by business owners, digital marketers, competitive bloggers and SEO specialists.

Keyword Research

With 10,000+ search locations, find hundreds of long tail keyword ideas in seconds with the amazing keyword research tool.

Keyword Brainstorming

Use keyword (Google or Youtube keywords) brainstorming for discovering new keyword phrases based on searcher intent.

Rank Tracker

View your current rank and measure changes in rankings since yesterday, last week, last month, or since you started tracking the keyword. It’s the rank tracker you’ve been waiting for.

Competitive Analysis

Competitor Insights

You can analyse your competitors simply by entering a URL. See how they are performing against others in the same industry. Find out their keywords. Identify similar sites and more!

Competitor Gap

Find out where the keywords are overlapping between your site and the competition. Find out how you are performing for each keyword against them and identify quick wins!

Backlink Analysis

Simply enter a URL of a competitor and identify all, new or lost backlinks. Preview a URL without having to open multiple tabs and find the anchor placement in the referring website with a single click Keyword Revealer backlink database is made up of 10 trillion backlinks and 2.8 trillion unique urls crawled daily Researching, discovering, ranking and evaluating keywords features are included in the free pricing plan, while other plans are available at the lowest prices when compared with other SEO tools.


Saleshandy is a cold email outreach software. It lets you automate the entire email campaign (sequence), so even the follow-ups will take place according to the conditions you have set.

Unlike other tools, this doesn't send emails in bulk. The algorithm keeps a time gap of a few seconds or minutes to give a human touch to the email. This drastically improves email deliverability and helps in getting the desired results from your outreach. You can also do A-B testing between multiple email templates to get a better idea of which one is performing well.

You will also get detailed analytics of the email sequence to let you optimize future campaigns.

Pricing starts at $25/month/user.


Seobility is an all-in-one SEO tool, suitable for SEO beginners and experts alike.

The SEO software comes with an onpage Site Audit, Backlink Analysis, Rank Tracking and Content Optimization (TF*IDF) – everything you need for your website success!

The Site Audit checks your complete website by crawling all linked pages. It helps with finding pages with errors, problems with the on-page optimization or problems regarding the page content, such as duplicate content. This handy tool also has a monitoring service that informs the status of the website via e-mail, if server errors and major problems occur.

The Backlink Analysis helps you keep an eye on the Backlink profile of your website. Learn about new and lost backlinks and build new backlinks easily.

The Rank Tracking helps you monitor your search success. Enter all the relevant keywords for your website and Google locale and track them for Desktop and Mobile search. Results are refreshed daily.

Plus: it’s more affordable than most other options out there.

There are three plans available:

Basic (for hobby users; free) Premium (for professional users; free 30-day trial; USD 50 per month) Agency (for Agencies; USD 200 per month)


Wincher is a Rank Tracker designed for SEO Professionals.

It monitors and collects large amounts of daily data to ensure fresh ranking reports to its users.

As a user of Wincher you can monitor present rankings, as well as the changes in rankings over time.

You can easily add domains, keywords and see data presented with tables and graphs.

One of this tool’s features is also monitoring your competitors.

Your fee is calculated based on the number of added domains in your account.


Ahrefs is a big data search marketing tool and world’s biggest third party database of search queries:

– 6.1 billion keywords for 200+ countries (2.3 billion for the US alone);
– crawling speed of 4.1 million pages per minute and 15-minute backlink index updates (the – only tool on the market that finds links in JS code besides HTML);
– context index discovering 1.8 million new topics a day.

Launched as a backlink checker, it has evolved into a multipurpose suite with tools for any SEO task.

1. Keywords Explorer has a bunch of metrics exclusive to Ahrefs only – Clicks and Clicks Per Search.

Their main value is in the opportunity to assess your chances of driving traffic.

Thanks to clickstream data processing, the numbers you get are quite accurate.

As Keyword Difficulty is calculated based on the major ranking factor of today – backlinks, this is also an accurate metric to rely on.

2. Site Explorer gives insights into any website’s backlink profile, organic traffic, and PPC campaigns, which makes it perfect for competitor research.

You can track new, broken, and lost backlinks within a necessary timeframe, analyze their anchors, filter them by the language, type (.edu / .gov, dofollow / nofollow, etc), and platform (blog, comment system, ecommerce, etc), etc.

The tool also reveals what content performs best regarding traffic, social shares, and backlinks, etc.

Not only can you check organic keywords for your site, but also compare them with competitors’ keywords to figure out for which they get traffic, while you don’t.

3. Rank Tracker can keep you up on your website’s progress in organic search – the position it holds for a given keyword, whether it’s going up or down, how much traffic it generates, and whether it ranks for any of Google’s SERP features.

You can analyze this data for different devices and locations, compare your results with competitors, and monitor them right from your inbox.

4. Content Explorer is like a standalone search engine that you can use to explore trending content by social shares, backlinks, or traffic.

With lots of filters and advanced searches, you can get easy content opportunities in front of you with a few clicks only. Just set a high traffic amount and a low number of backlinks, that’s all.

Another use case of the tool is a search for backlink opportunities. While exploring content with your business mentions or of any relevant topic, you can highlight domains with no backlinks to yours.

5. SEO Audit can help monitor your site for 110+ SEO issues to make sure it’s Google-friendly.

They include internal and external pages, performance, HTML and social tags, images, content quality, localization, incoming and outgoing links, and much more.

Not only does Ahrefs give a detailed explanation of each issue, but also gives clues about how to fix it.

The interface is equipped with colorful graphs, making it easy to track how your website’s SEO health changes with each audit.


Respona is the all-in-one PR and blogger outreach tool that combines personalization with productivity. It offers features that help users identify relevant journalists and bloggers  to encourage building mutualistic relationships.  You can create campaigns using the content search tool to narrow down content in your niche or upload a CSV file if you already have a pre-made list from other apps such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz, etc. Along with the content search, users have access to an extensive database of over 400 million contacts (direct email addresses, Linkedin profile, etc). With the help of templates, Respona helps you formulate strategic, content-based campaigns that increase the chances of receiving a response. Take your personalization to the next level with article snippets scraped straight from the content selected. You can also have Respona automate the content search by setting up a periodic scraper. This helps save time and makes the process of finding outreach opportunities much more efficient. By creating folders to organize opportunities and previous contacts, you have the ability to keep track of all your relationships under one platform.


Nightwatch is a flexible SEO tool that lets you track your daily rankings, monitor the uptime of all your backlinks and do onsite audits.

It boasts extreme customizability within its dashboard. You can build charts with any views you want.

It’s a fun tool to play with a solid UI and affordable pricing.


SERPStat is yet another all-in-one SEO tool that covers the areas of keyword research, search analytics, advertising analysis, content marketing research, competitor analysis, rank tracking, and onsite auditing.

They cater to both agencies, in-house teams and SMBs. Their pricing starts at $69/month and they have a free trial.


Where Goes is a simple but useful tool for tracing the redirection path of URLs and shortened links. It shows you the entire path of redirects and meta-refreshes that leads to the final destination and lets you troubleshoot links, diagnose complex link problems, and perform competitive intelligence.


Linkody is software that allows you to monitor on your backlinks.

It has multiple features for tracking, analyzing and reporting on backlink strategy.

You could use Linkody for either your clients or your own link building process; it allows multi-user login per one account.

Linkody can be connected to Google Analytics, Moz, and Alexa rank.

It can export files both to PDF and CSV.

There is a free 30-day trial and various paid plans ranging from 14 to 134 EUR/month.


KWFinder is a part of the package of 5 SEO tools offered by Mangools for a price of one tool. This tool offers keyword research narrowed to wanted GEO location (~ 52 k locations). For super localized results you can perform search in more than 40 languages. Close variant keywords are not a problem for this tool, you can find the keyword combinations that you’ll need. If you run out of keyword ideas, this tool will help you with suggestions. is a free keyword search browser extension. It will display volume metrics and CPC across multiple categories without ever leaving the results page. The information provided is quick, accurate and can be customized for different countries. The tool was originally created as a replacement for Keywords Everywhere which was once free but is now paid.


It is proclaimed to be all-inclusive service, some of which are:

– Checking keyword rank traffic
– Website audit
– On-site SEO audit
– Backlinks checking and monitoring
– Doing competitors’ research
– Improving and providing B2B features
– Providing social media management tools.

It has a free trial, after which you have to purchase one of the plans.


SEMrush is a very powerful tool for all digital marketing and SEO professionals. Among many things Sem Rush can be used for keyword research. It shows organic and paid traffic stats of any domain and in almost all countries of the world. In 2019, they revamped their backlink discovery engine in an effort to compete better in the industry and seem to be performing quite well with backlink discovery comparison studies. You can use this tool’s features free of charge but only in limited times of search.


Pro Rank Tracker is a very easy-to-use rank tracking tool.

It provides up to date website SEO ranking data.

Since it is a cloud-based application, it gives you the opportunity to access your account wherever you are.

Pro Rank Tracker has its own automated daily updates, but on-demand updates are applicable as well.

They’ve got a whole host of reports you can create and generous pricing tiers.

Try it for free or choose the most suitable paid plan.


This SEO tool provides the URLs relevant to your keywords and niche searching Google, Yahoo, Bing and many other search engines.

It can quickly get you thousands of blog comments resulting into better traffic and page rank.

ScrapeBox harvests proxies from various websites and forums, so you can add the URL’s of your favorite proxy websites.

It also provides a keyword scraper that can help you find keywords and make a new one when needed.

This tool is a one-time purchase.


Analyzes webpage quality and performance. Just one click is needed to launch a full diagnosis and get a complete and customized report. Dareboost provides complete and customized reports, highlighting errors, possible improvements, and giving precise advice which guide the user step-by-step to solve the problems. Reports also include an overall page quality score, and scores by categories, including Performance, SEO, Compatibility, etc. The Pro version of Dareboost will allow you to monitor your website speed easily, with neat reports, and to be alerted immediately when there is a slowdown. You can monitor web pages as well as user journeys (scenarios).


SEO Monitor’s goal is to create a suite of tools that work together to help agencies win, manage, and retain more business.

Chock-full of features like forecasting, proposal making, competition analysis, traffic segmentation, not provided reveals, reputation monitoring, rank tracking, and more, it’s looking to be a worthwhile option to check out if you’re a growing agency and want to streamline your operations.


Create really long lists right inside of your WordPress blog using your own and user-generated content. This list you’re reading right now is a RoundupWiz list!

This can be extremely useful for your SEO and content strategies.


Google Search Console (formally known as Webmaster Tools) is a great resource for any site owner.

It is designed to inform webmasters about how Google bot is interacting with their website.

This free tool gives detailed information on broken links, popular keywords and on how often Google is stopping by.

16 months of click and impression data is available for the sites you get verified.

This is Google’s way of giving site owners the information that they need to be successful.


Agency Analytics represents all-in-one reporting platform for agencies. It covers SEO, PPC, Social, Email, Review and Call Tracking dashboards. This quick and easy platform allows you to keep track all of your clients’ marketing campaigns in one place. It has an automated report deliver and built-in SEO tools. You can create an online whiteboard with a customized look by uploading your logo. In 2020, they launched integrations with Ahrefs, SemRush and Moz so if you have paid accounts with any of those platforms, you can import links automatically. Natively, Agency Analytics uses Majestic as it’s backlink provider. Try it risk free for 14 days or subscribe to one of the offered plans.


JustReachOut has helped 5000+ entrepreneurs pitch journalists and get featured in press without the help of PR firms.The platform has helped large brands such as HubSpot, Pipedrive, Wistia and Ahrefs, as well as huge name influencers such as Brian Dean of Backlinko and many thousands of no name small businesses get recurring ongoing press, podcast, and media mentions every week.

The platform not only enables you to find journalists, podcasters and blogs to pitch but give you a reason of why they’d be a good fit to feature you such as:

*they have a broken link on a topic you know about
*they have an pending inquiry or an ask about a topic you know about
*they have written about a topic you are an expert in

The platform give you five different tools to target journalists/bloggers/podcasters and allows you to schedule your outreach campaigns and follow ups for the best time of the day to make sure they’re opened. There are open tracking, pitch analytics, campaigns, tagging and team management features which make managing PR a breeze.
Trusted by 5000+ businesses worldwide the tool works for every industry and every language and country.


Pitchbox is a paid Influencer Outreach and Content Marketing platform designed for brands, SEO agencies and publishers to manage their business.

As it is integrated with MOZ, Ahrefs and SEMrush, it provides fast and best quality service in seconds.

It also has a separation of concerns, so you can get insight in those who look for the links and those who actually do the outreach.

This tool is said to be a great team tracker, since it covers prospecting, emailing and managing work flow.


Deepcrawl is now Lumar. We empower businesses to realize their websites' full commercial potential with a robust website intelligence platform and professional services partnerships.

Lumar helps businesses see their websites' technical foundations in a new light — so brands can easily identify and implement the website changes that will have the most impact on their digital-driven growth.
The technical health of a website plays a major role in both search engine visibility and user experience — key influences on any business's brand awareness, customer satisfaction, and sales.


Clickmeter is an analytics tool that helps you track, compare and optimize all marketing links.

First you must create a tracking link, use it in ads and then analyze the reports in real time.

Clickmeter is intended for agencies, affiliates, advertisers and publishers.

If you decide to buy it, you can choose one package of three available packages (medium, large, X-large) and change it anytime.

There is also a 30-day money back guarantee in case you don’t like it.


Wordtracker is a keyword research tool for AdWords campaigns.

It is mostly intended for SEO professionals and online marketers.

You can easily find out market needs and grow your business.

It can help you:

– Build and save projects quickly
– Get high-value keywords in a single search
– Identify profitable niche markets and keywords that are popular and have a low level of competition

Wordtracker isn’t free but there is a free 7-day trial.


WebCEO SEO platform integrates 15 indispensable online SEO tools that every SEOer need.

Using this tool you can perform:
– Effective keyword niche research
– Website audits and analysis
– Safe link building
– In-depth social media metrics and marketing analytics.

You can give your clients a restricted or full access to professional white-label SEO tools available on your own domain and appearing as if you developed them yourself.

The tool is not free but there is a free 14-day trial available.


Postaga is a free link-building outreach tool that helps your content get more links and shares with AI-assisted, automated outreach campaigns. With Postaga, you can discover outreach opportunities, find contacts to share your content with, send out email campaigns, and build links in just a few minutes.


SiteGuru is an on-page SEO tool that crawls your website and checks it for SEO issues. It checks your page titles, meta descriptions, page speed, website structure, broken links and everything else that’s important for SEO.

The result is an extensive SEO report, including an actionable to-do list to start your SEO activities.



Taptimize is a simple SERP Tracker and SEO tool that allows you to track up to 10 keywords for free.

Taptimize also tracks your competitors and updates your Google rankings on a daily basis, as well as saving historical data—so you can keep an eye on your progress and figure out what your next SEO move should be.


Sitechecker is the easiest platform to control SEO growth. All-in-One SEO platform covers all stages of SEO campaigns of any scale. It includes functionality for website monitoring, on-page SEO audits, website traffic checks, backlink tracker, and website ranking checks. Free Sitechecker SEO extension helps you to make SEO check in one click. 




Link Research Tools helps your website regain visibility after being hit by a google penalty.

It gathers link data from 25 different link data sources and that way generates a 360-degree view of your website’s backlink profile.

LRT lets you simulate the impact of a new link your site gets.

It also offers link monitoring with alert feature, SEO tool for competitor analysis.

There is a Competitive Link Velocity Tool that compares the link growths between your and competitors site.

It’s a price-y tool but very useful when you get caught up in a penalty.


Buzzstream is a blogger outreach tool using which you can research contact information and add new bloggers you find, social profiles and websites to your database.

Share notes with your teammates, view campaign’s status and see team’s recent activity.

Choose from 4 different pricing plans.

Keep better track of your tweets and emails by saving them and setting reminders to follow-up.

Round it all up by pulling out a fully customizable report to be always up to date with your team’s performance.


Monitor Backlinks got its name from their oldest feature of monitoring backlinks and it offered the alert option for removed links.

Now Monitor Backlinks tool helps you build good links by pointing out which sites are relevant and high in quality for link-building.

It’s intended for SEOs, marketers, and entrepreneurs and has keyword tracking, ranking and analysis features.

Easily monitor all the links that point out to your site and tells you who to reach out in order to build your brand.


AccuRanker is a fast and accurate rank tracker.

In-depth analytics alongside the solid infrastructure makes AccuRanker a solid choice for SEO agencies and professionals that want keyword tracking.

AccuRanker SEO tool provides:

– Instant on demand ranking updates – rankings refresh in a matter of seconds whenever you need it
– Outstanding customer service – they add new features and integrations on request
– Value for money – enterprise features at low cost
– Easy standard and custom template reporting – sent to your email
– In-depth analysis with segmenting and filtering – organise your data view and share with your team so you can make smart and data driven decisions

AccuRanker additionally provides FREE tools :
– Live SERP Tool – with this tool you can check google rankings and SERP results by specific location, city or country.
– Google Grump – that predicts changes in the Google algorithm and helps to make sure that your SERP rankings will not be permanently affected


Long Tail Pro is a powerful keyword research software. Long Tail Pro allows the user to generate hundreds or thousands of unique “Long Tail” keywords in a matter of minutes based on 1 single root keyword or multiple root keywords at once.

The need for Long Tail Pro was born out of the experience of spending countless hours searching for low competition keywords.



It doesn’t matter if you’re building an amazon affiliate site, trying to market your small business, or if you’ve just started thinking about starting a website. Good keyword selection is the foundation of a good SEO strategy – it doesn’t matter if you’re using Squarespace, Weebly, or WordPress, picking the right keywords can be the difference between traffic growth and stagnation.


The specialty of this software is long tail keywords. Using it, you can shorten the time spent in researching them. This tool can be used for any SEO strategy. Sites found by keywords can be sorted and exported in the lists that can include other metrics powered by Majestic. It has a 7-day free trial and after that you can buy it for a reasonable price.



Microsite Masters is a very accurate rank tracking platform for SEO experts.

It has one of the largest search indexes in the world.

With ranking updates made every 24 hours you can stay up to date with any search engine changes hand by hand as they are happening.

The Microsite Masters support is also at your disposal, which makes it easier to use.

There are three packages available – Startup, Business and Enterprise.


Authority Labs is a freemium tool that gives you a daily SEO tracking.

It helps you track your rankings easily and provides you with keyword insights.

With it’s daily checking you can quickly react to any changes in the search results.

It also gives you the opportunity to track your competitors domains while keeping track of you own at the same time.

You have an option to personalize the AL account to make it look as it is your own interface.


GeoRanker is a large-scale data extraction company. GeoRanker offers large volumes of SEO data via API and also has its own Local SEO Tools as a Saas.
GeoRanker offers rank tracking and SERP data via the platform, data that helps you track your rankings on a local level and also helps you improve them. You can check the keyword rankings in different locations and evaluate your SEO campaign. The rank tracker offers data for Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Bing, Baidu, Naver, Yandex and many other search engines.
The SEO tools offered are: rank tracker, SERP checker, Citations Sources, Heatmap and Keywords Prospecting. By using the SERP checker you can identify your competitors and evaluate their running campaigns, with the Keywords Prospecting tool you can improve your keywords and via the citation tool you can obtain the best citation sources.
GeoRanker SERP API is one of the industries most complex API-based solution.


SEO audit tool helps to find hidden SEO issues with negative impacts on large websites, enabling filtering data in a cloud without exporting data.

An analysis that usually takes 2 to 3 hours of your time could take you only 15 to 30 minutes. Analysing large websites with Spotibo is not limited by your computer, as it is with other SEO tools.

Analyzed issues are divided into 4 sections with many subfunctions:

You can get a fast automatic evaluation of your website in a few minutes with an explanation of what issues to fix and how.


Easyredir is a URL redirection tool, so your audience will be able to see the content you want them to see.

It ensures that the domains on pages lead to the matching and non spammy websites.

Apart from that, it also tends to generate QR codes very quickly.

You can update your target page by adding dedicated URLs to marketing materials.

Schedule a demo or choose one of many pricing plans.


Intended for digital marketers, this tool automatically creates markup for your WordPress site and helps you get better search results.

It uses the information already existing on your site and adds schema markup to all your content.

You’ll get informed whenever Google changes recommendations and allowed to instantly update your markup.

You can also create new markup from library and install an eCommerce extension.

The tool is not free, but a 14-day trial is available.


This is a blog optimization tool that can help you get better rankings and increase traffic to your blog.

It offers 108 features and allows you to optimize every URL of your site.

Using it, you can:
-find the best keywords and save them in Briefcase
-get SEO advices while typing
-use edit snippet tool to control how your pages look like on social media channels
-see SEO ranking graphics
-get free copyright images
-obtain social, links, weekly SEO and authority audit.

This tool is a freemium one.


Clusteric search auditor is a desktop SEO tool with various analytic modes for upgrading your ranking on Google and is mostly inteded for digital marketers. Main usage of Clusteric is a backlink profile audit and creating disavow file. Clusteric has very detailed, semi-automatic options to estimate link value based on language, industry, topical similarity, etc.  It is built for link quality and spam estimation, profile analysis and measuring organic visibility. This tool is merged with tools like Moz, Ahrefs, and Majestic. You can either download the demo version or choose one of three licenses available.


Matomo is an open source web analytics application that tracks online visits to one or more websites and displays reports on these visits for analysis.

The tool is often used by individuals, big and small companies all over the world.

It is the leading open alternative to Google Analytics that gives you full control over your data.

Matomo lets you collect the data from websites, apps & the IoT and visualize this data and extract insights.

You can install this tool on your own server for free.


This tool is intended for all of you who need to increase profit and bring traffic to their business.

It can be used in content creation, by marketers, for SEO and in PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising.

Power Suggest Pro will help you find keywords that are descriptive and not too general, which helps with content creation.

The most interesting feature is a Wildcard search.

You have to buy a license in order to use it.


Yoast SEO plugin is the most popular WordPress plugin.

It helps you improve your position in the organic search results. It’s good for bloggers and SEO experts as well.

This plugin is easy to use and shows you a Google search result preview when writing the meta information.

There are many features that can help you with On-Page optimization.

The paid version of this tool comes with more features and unlimited access.


SpyFu is a platform that helps you get your competitors’ most profitable keywords and ads for paid and organic search.

It not only collects data and relevant metrics from the competitor sites, but also gives you a full report about their business.

This provides a good perspective on how you should start and which are good and bad practices.

It covers personalized keywords, AdWords Campaign, as well as competitors marketing strategy.

Various pricing plans are available


Keyword Tool gets you tens of thousands of keywords using suggest APIs from Google, YouTube, Bing, and others. Along with these keywords, it also shows you the monthly search volume and the cost per click for them.

It generates long-tail keywords by sending a large number of variations of your seed keyword to the suggest APIs. These variations are created by prefixing and suffixing the seed keyword with all the letters in the alphabet and the numbers 1 to 9. Each API call returns suggested keywords, and by calling the API multiple times, it generates tens of thousands of long-tail keywords for you.

It’s free!


Linkio’s Email Picker Tool is a bulk actions email prioritization tool that helps you choose the best contact email for each domain on your outreach list.

It doesn’t matter if you have 2 or 50 emails associated with each target domain on your list. With the Email Picker Tool, you simply create prioritization rules for which types of emails you find most valuable for your outreach, and the tool will pick the most relevant email for you.

For example, if you prefer to reach out to someone in marketing from your target companies, you can set that as a priority one. Then you can say, if there is no one from marketing, choose someone from the C-suite. And if there is no one from the C-suite, choose a general inbox email.

Using this free tool, you can set up your own custom rules or use the tool’s pre-build formulas and let the software do the heavy lifting, thus saving you hours of work.


Persistent Connection is good for your site’s speed. It basically means that the connection between the client and server stays open, which allows the transfer of multiple files through a single connection. This tool is created for scanning your site and checking whether your resource has persistent connection enabled or not.


The Title Capitalization Tool’s premise is extremely simple and will help you automatically capitalize your text. You can choose from a number of styles, including title case, sentence case, uppercase, lowercase, first letter, alt case, and toggle, although we’re not sure what the last one is all about.


Track the most important SEO KPIs in one place. Your customized SEO dashboard considerably helps you stay focused on what matters most by displaying essential data at one quick glance.

Designed to speed up the monitoring process, our SEO dashboard is the perfect solution for a quick but still comprehensive overview of the website’s SEO traffic, keyword rankings, backlinks, authority, and other SEO metrics.


ContentKing is an awesesome cloud-based SEO auditing solution that can monitor your web properties 24/7.

Using a wide array of signals ContentKing’s algorithms deliver meaningful insights and tasks.

The tool takes note of all changes on your website and provides automatic alerts when something breaks.


Sales.Rocks is a tool based on a large business database that has helped many of its customers to find the right contacts for SEO backlinks collaboration.

Trying to find companies that would be interested in giving you a backlink to your website can take a lot of time if you are manually searching for contacts to reach out to. Sales.Rocks proved to be a weapon for SEO for many of its customers!

With its powerful filtering system that allows hierarchy and department view of direct contacts within a company, you can get reliable data about current employees and get their contact information. 

You can search for their contact details by job title (e.g. SEO specialist, Director of SEO operations, Content Director) and find all the highly-targeted contacts you need for your data-driven outreach to boost your backlinking efforts. 

Testimonial from Keno Hellmann –

”I sent out 50 e-mails on the first day of using Sales Rocks and I received 4 new backlinks within a week and 15 in total from those 50."

You can try the freemium version of Sales.Rocks. By creating an account you will get 50 Company, 20 Contact, and 30 Sales Toolkit credits for a better product experience.


With Experte's Bulk Mobile Friendly Test, you can check whether all of your (sub) pages are optimized for mobile devices. Instead of just checking the homepage or a single URL, this tool crawls your entire website, assessing up to 500 subpages at once.

The Mobile Friendly Test has 3 different modes:

Crawl Website
You set the start URL and we crawl the web page to find more URLs. Crawling is limited to 60s and 500 URLs.

URL List
You submit a list of URLs which we then determine the mobile-friendliness of.

You define a keyword for which we determine the Top 50 results at We then determine the mobile-friendliness of each URL.

The tool is completely free, doesn't require registration, and provides the same data as Google's Mobily Friendly Test, just automatically for up to 500 subpages. 


Majestic is (arguably) the largest link intelligence database. Its main tools are Site Explorer, Backlink history Checker, Backlink Bulk Checker and Campaigns that allow monitoring the progress of important websites. Majestic’s Plugin shows the number of links on the page, the number of domains that link to that page, Citation and Trust flow. Majestic Search Engine is useful for SEO professionals, media analysts, entrepreneurs and developers and it comes in Lite, Pro and Full API plan.


Moz is complete SEO platform that provides backlink and rankings data for the website you want to check. It has one of the most recognizable SEO stats, DA (domain authority) and PA (page authority). You can get a few free searches a day or you can install the Moz browser plugin to get free DA/PA data for any site. The pro tool provides tons data about your site: SEO opportunities, possible errors and suggests the way to avoid them. In 2019, Moz redid it’s backlink crawler and claims to now have a ton of backlink data, on par with it’s competitors Ahrefs or Majestic. Regardless of how accurate that is, their domain authority stats are the most used in the industry.


Keyword Planner is a free AdWords keyword research tool for people who advertise their business on the Search Network.

It helps you find a perfect keyword for your business.

It’s a handy tool for finding new keywords or just an additional one for existing campaign.

Search volume helps you decide which keywords you should use but success depends on a variety of factors, such as budget, product, and customer behavior.

This tool requires creating a free account and to get the best keyword volume data, Google requires an AdWords account with some budget running through it.


NinjaOutreach is a blogger outreach tool that gives you access to more than 25 million bloggers.

It allows you to create templates with custom fields and send personalized messages to your contacts.

This tool also shows the outreach templates that give you the highest open rates, reply and click through rates.

Find Twitter, as well as Instagram top influencers.

Get a notification whenever a prospect replies and never miss your emails.

This tool isn’t free but you can get 14-day free trial.


Advanced Web Ranking is an integrated platform providing SEO analytics, link building, rank tracking, and social media management.

It helps you manage many moving parts of your SEO quest.

AWR also stores a cached copy of the SERP so you can check back and see exactly what the search results looked like at a certain point in time.

There are features such as local search engines, site crawl feature, social reporting and even Google algorithm changes.

You can choose from four pricing options.


DropMyLink is the ultimate link building helper.

It is quite handy for new websites where the need for fresh and natural links is on the higher level, but it’s also for all other sites willing to create a good and strong link scheme.

This tool is designed to put together all of the most useful footprints in one place and have them easily accessible.

This is a free tool; all you have to do to use it is create an account.


This is a free tool that can improve your site’s search engine performance and they recently added a backlink checker that not only shows you your backlinks, but backlinks for any website, including your competitors. While it doesn’t claim to show the entire backlink profile, early reports suggest its a healthy amount of data and free of charge.

You can get a summary view of all your sites and see how each of them is performing and where you need to take extra care.

The reporting option will point out the ways in which you can increase the traffic on your site.

Research and diagnostic tools give feedback on what people are searching for on your site.



This is an all-in-one marketing platform that offers a range of analytical tools for search engine optimization, social media, and conversion rate optimization.

You can subscribe to only one tool, and as your team grows or priorities change, you can always subscribe to more tools.

Also, you have unlimited users that you can invite to view or manage any of your products.

There is a 14-day trial available and three paid plans to choose from, with one of them fully customizable.


Keyword Density Analyzer is designed to help you with comparing pages side by side and determining if the page is competitive with other best ranked pages.

Keyword density stats are really valuable in SEO strategies.

It’s best that the keyword density is well optimized and not overdone.

This tool can also help you refine the keyword distribution within the content of your site.

You can use it free of charge for checking keyword density of any website.


Cuutio Software is a tool that provides information about the visibility performance of your website.

It makes it easy to monitor the competitive situation online and focus on actions that will improve search engine visibility permanently.

This tool will help you keep track of your visibility development understand your content performance and competitive situation.

Cuutio is not free and it offers four different packages you can choose from.


Despite being just a little Chome extension, LinkMiner offers pretty useful functionality. It scans websites to reveal all backlinks, along with broken ones, and pulls metrics on them to help you make smarter decisions. It also allows you to export all links from a page and even display each link’s metrics and social data right next to it.


Outreach Plus is a tool which helps create successful Outreach campaign – it has its own platform that shows the outreach process results.

From the personalized emails to the process tracker and result sheets and reports, it provides better look into the business progress, and into how it’s being led.

The data is well organized with easy access to needed reports, and it’s possible to work both on a single and multiple projects at once.


Ryte is a relevant tool for On-Page SEO.

It analyzes if a website is indexable by checking HTTP status codes, robots.txt file, canonicals, redirects, and pagination.

Besides that, it also analyzes your site structure and your link and URL structure, as well as checks for flaws in your XML sitemap.

Ryte will give you information on your site’s performance by checking response time and page speed.

You can choose a paid plan that suits your needs.


Backlinkpatrol claim to make your guest blogging and paid backlinking processes incredibly efficient. With it, you can track, monitor and grow your backlinks, ranks and manage all backlinking tasks in one place.


Calculating the importance of anchor text percentages is well understood by the SEO community. However, not many SEOs understand the value of calculating your backlink title tag percentages.

It’s another area for optimization, helps you understand why your competitors may be ranking higher than you, and give you ideas for new article topics for your guest posts.

Simply paste in a list of your backlinks, input your keywords and hit go.



Once you have a list of link targets, paste them into this tool and run some simple bulk actions to clean up the list. You can remove certain .TLDs, different categories of websites, like social media sites or web 2.0 sites, filter by characters found in the root domain or URL and much more.

In almost any prospecting list, you’ll have lots of junk that you need to filter out. With this tool, a vast majority of the removals become automated. With it, save more time and have cleaner prospecting lists.


Enhanced Google Analytics Annotations is a little extension for Chrome created to save you time by automatically adding your targeted market’s holidays as well as Google’s algorithm updates as annotations in your Google Analytics. It will also help you better understand how national holidays affect your KPIs and see how both confirmed and unconfirmed algorithm updates impact your traffic.


Beam Us Up is an awesome free crawler dedicated to finding bugs and errors on your pages. It’s got a very simple but intuitive interface and provides you with a report on all found errors in a separate window. Another neat function of Beam Us Up is the ability to export those reports in Excel so you can easily store and access them later.


AdWords and SEO Permutation Generator is a small but useful tool for generating tons of keyword ideas at the click of a mouse. Paste in your keywords in three different fields, hit “Generate Permutations” and the tool will permutate and combine them into keyword ideas.


Google Trends allows you to find out how popular any given search term has been in a given timeframe. It is great for keyword research and spotting event-triggered spikes. It will be especially helpful for seasonal businesses since you will know exactly when your products or services are trending, so you can adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.


The Disavow Tool is perfect for situations when you need to discount the value of an inbound link to avoid link-based penalties. It will be especially helpful if you’ve purchased links in the past, or have participated in bad linking networks and want to remove them because they’ve actually hurt your SEO.


The NoFollow extension for Chrome gives developers a way of telling search engines to not follow certain links using meta tags and rel attributes. It also outlines links both with and without the nofollow attribute, external links, and links on pages with nofollo, and noindex robots meta tag.


Generate visual sitemap from any websites using sitemap xml.


WIX is an awesome free website builder that lets you create, design, manage and develop your web presence exactly the way you want.

With it, you can design an entire website from the ground-up, add advanced features, edit your mobile view, and optimize it for search engines, all within its straightforward visual interface.


Social Animal is a web tracking tool that analyzes top-performing content and authors for detailed insights on your choice of topics or keywords. With the powerful search function, you’ll streamline your research process from hours to seconds.

Enter any keyword to find top-performing content, articles, authors, and domains, and get a complete overview for the topic you have in mind.

Social Animal sifts through millions of articles and sites to give you the most relevant results, resulting in actionable insights.


PageOptimizer Pro On Page SEO Checker is a powerful free tool that compares your page against the top ranking competitors and shows how well your page is optimized right now. The tool will check your top 10 competitor pages and give you your on-page optimization score. It will define how well your page is optimized for the keyword that you provided.

If your score is 80% and above, the on-page signals on the website page are optimized pretty well in line with what Google is rewarding for the term.

If your score is below 80%, it needs some on-page SEO work. After you’ve run the SEO checker, you can try to optimize the website page on your own and re-run the checker. Alternatively, you can create a free PageOptimizer Pro account to get an in-depth on page analysis, as well as recommendations on how to improve your score and steps to take to rank higher


Marketing Miner is an SEO tool for all data-driven marketers. Its user-friendly interface and bulk data analysis features will save you a lot of time and effort.

You can collect valuable data insights and analyze up to 100,000 keywords or URLs in a single click to improve your SEO strategy. With Marketing Miner, you can quickly detect technical issues on your site, find out which landing pages and keywords bring the most traffic, conduct a comprehensive technical SEO audit and competitor analysis, monitor mentions of your brand and important keywords in your niche, find new link building opportunities to strengthen your backlink profile and develop a successful content marketing strategy. 

Popular features: 

  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Audit 
  • Rank Tracking
  • Competitor Analysis 
  • Brand Monitoring 
  • Link Building 
  • Bulk Data Analysis 
  • API 

Why you will love Marketing Miner? 

Incredible value for money: You don’t have to choose expensive tools to rank well. Marketing Miner provides high-quality data at affordable prices. Pricing plans start at $13/month. 

Seamless integration with other tools: If you prefer working with large amounts of data in your own tools, you will love Marketing Miner’s versatile and powerful REST API to access your data without logging in! 

Bulk data analysis – Marketing Miner tools save a lot of time and effort. You can quickly analyze data for up to 100,000 keywords, domains, or URLs. 


If you have a lot of backlinks going to a particular page, use this free tool to figure out what your percentages are without the manual categorization effort.


GroupHigh is a blog search engine tool with a database of 15 million blogs.

It allows you to search for the best bloggers for your next campaign by content, social followers, location, and MozRank.

Easily discover a URL’s full social footprint, traffic and various social, SEO, blog, and website metrics by importing raw URLs or uploading spreadsheets.

You can also use GroupHigh for creating folders, lists to organize your blogger database, using advanced database filters and making various reports.


LSIGraph is the latest free SEO tool on the market which allows you to generate Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords.

This is a very easy-to-use tool and anyone can try it, even with no SEO skills at all.

All you need to do is add your target keyword, and it will generate the associated LSI keywords that you can then use in your content and anchor text.


This software is free to download, and represents a powerful toolbox used for Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera.

There is a useful installation and how to use guide provided, as well as program configuration help.

Although this program provides the most of SEO tools, you can modify it following your needs and this way you won’t be swamped with too much data.

It has a real-time SEO data checker, so you dont have to worry about the information reliability.


FTTT is a free platform that helps devices and tools merge with each other and work together.

SEOs can mix and match tons of different programs for free to automate their marketing.

For example, every time you publish an article, you can have a post get published to Facebook and Twitter and syndicate the content to your Web 2.0 blogs.

There are several options on the market that can do this now, but IFTTT has a very generous free plan.


This tool gives you an insight into what content performs best and helps you find the key influencers.

With BuzzSumo does an instant search of up to 12 months of data.

It shows the share activity across all the major social networks including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest.

Improve your outreach and influencer marketing by searching for the key influencers in any topic area and follow them directly from within BuzzSumo.

Try it free for 7 days or purchase your license.


This tool is an advanced link prospecting and a link building tool.

DIBZ is designed for independent SEO consultants and full-service marketing agencies to make the link building process easier.

This tool gathers prospects data you can later filter easily to find the best matching prospects or use SPAM metrics to filter irrelevant ones.

You have two options – either use predefined search queries or make a custom one.

Multilingual searches and results are also available!


This is paid SEO software that offers in-depth SEO analysis of your website intended for SEO Professionals, Digital Marketing Agencies, SMB or Brands.

Their SEO tools can point out to critical data points that can help you understand why your site is ranking as it is.

This research tool consists of three main features: keyword research, ranking analysis, content optimization.

Also, its Content Performance Score shows how the specific content impacts the ranking for a set of targeted keywords.


OnCrawl is a website crawler and log files analyzer providing analytics for your onsite SEO.

It helps you improve your rankings, traffic and revenues.

Discover errors in HTML, linking structure and content that compromise your rankings in and cause drops in traffic.

Using this tool you can:

-understand how search engines crawl your website
-manage your crawl budget to drive Google’s bot to the right pages
-focus on all pages with similar content through main content and menu, sidebars and footers and more


Linkio’s anchor text generator gives you 100’s of anchor text ideas based on your keywords, brand name and page type.

All you have to do is type in your brand name(s) and exact keyword(s) and then selection between 1 of 7 page types: blog content, long-form content, company homepage, company service page, E-commerce product page, local business home page and local business service page

Then choose if you want to see any of the following anchor text type: keyword/just part of keyword + words, branded, branded + keyword and just natural


Bright Local became the pioneer of SEO tools focused on Digital Marketing Agencies and local businesses.

It’s an SEO tool that collects data from all other SEO tools and makes a report.

It has a 14-day free trial and it’s quite handy for the beginners while learning all the tools and their relations.

There are multiple options for those interested in using a Bright Local – 3 basic packages and modifications of them.


Piwik is an open source web analytics application that tracks online visits to one or more websites and displays reports on these visits for analysis.

The tool is often used by individuals, big and small companies all over the world.

It is the leading open alternative to Google Analytics that gives you full control over your data.

Piwik lets you collect the data from websites, apps & the IoT and visualize this data and extract insights.

You can install this tool on your own server for free.


BuiltWith is a tool that will help you find different technologies that websites are using across the Internet.

It provides reports that show the websites which are a good fit for some widgets and it gives sites the opportunity to increase dispersion on the Internet.

The tool also provides technology adoption, e-commerce data and usage analytics.

Some of its features are: Cyber Risk Auditing, Market Analysis, Sales Intelligence, Data Coverage and more.

Choose from three different pricing plans.


Searchmetrics gives access to a comprehensive overview of website SEO and PPC performance.

It helps you find relevant competitors and analyze their backlinks.

The Essentials program provided by Searchmetrics includes:

– Social Links
– Competitors
– Backlinks
– Keywords
– Flexibility.

The analysis checks your performance on Google and helps create effective online marketing strategies.

This tool is not free and you can get its prices upon request.


Find all broken pages with this easy-to-use SEO tool. Use it to find dead sites and their list of backlinks and save time.

Upon the finished search, you can choose web pages you want to recreate writing the original content on them.

Let the site owners know that they’re linking to a dead page and offer them your content.

This is a dual-purpose tool – it helps you build links to your site and update the web with new content at once.

The tool isn’t free, but it’s only $5 to try it out first.


SEO tools for Excel represent the upgrade of working in Excel sheet by providing high quality feedback on the data.

Using Connectors, you can integrate APIs into Excel.

There is also a Spider tool that combines different functions – URL, HTTP, SEO and Connector columns.

Caching option keeps all the data from once entered URL page.

You have more options at your disposal, such as working with arrays, VBA, HTTP settings, and other interesting Excel updates.

Get a 14-day trial or buy SeoTools license. is a tool designed for creating infographics, maps and reports.

It is a visualization platform for creating effective visuals that will impress everyone.

There are more than 35 charts and 500 maps available on

It can be very helpful when it comes to creating pretty looking infographics to score more links for your website.

You can try it for free or choose a paid package.


This tool provides visitor insights and helps you drive your e-commerce business forward, whether your goal is to better understand your visitors or keep customers on your site.

Pingdom helps you understand how your users see your site and how the changes you make impact visitors’ experience.

Ensure vital site interactions, track and analyze your website’s load time, improve your team’s incident workflow with the right alerts to the right person and more.


Raven Tools provides prospective SEO clients with detailed SEO audit reports that show progress over time.

It analyzes organic performance of an SEO campaign.

With Raven Tools you can access data connectors like Google Analytics, AdWords, social media like Facebook and Twitter.

This tool can turn your prospects into clients.

Also it helps with detailed and easy to generate white-label reports that can be downloaded as PDFs, which helps with client feedback.

A 14-day trial version is available.


Jaaxy is a keyword and research platform developed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers.

This tool collects information from search engines and shows search and competition data.

It allows you to search for any keyword that might come into your mind and helps you determine how you can get ranked for a specific keyword.

A domain search feature is also available and it’s mobile friendly as well.

Try it free of charge or buy a Pro or Enterprise version.


If you are a link builder or content marketer, you should definitely take a look at this SEO tool.

It was developed to help you organize new outreach opportunities but also give proper amplification to their content.

This tool is very straightforward and easy to use. The first step is just creating the campaign.

Choose among 16 different types of report you can pull out such as guest posts, content promoters, resource linkers, links pages, blogs, audience input and many more.


This tool searches for quality prospects from over 80 sources you can contact for links, guest posts and other content.

After you’re finished searching, you can export a report into an Excel file and start connecting with the best prospects.

If you already have a list of sites, you can upload it into Ontolo and create your own mini-search engine.

Ontolo will not only get you prospect’s contact information, but social media accounts and outbound links as well.

It allows you to upload any plain text or CSV file.


Kerboo Suite is a digital marketing toolset that increases organic visibility of your marketing campaigns.

It offers solutions for backlink analysis, site exploring, prospect gathering, outreach campaigns and link monitoring.

Choose a pricing plan out of 4 available that will best suit your needs.

Premium subscribers can get access to Kerboo’s data via reporting API.


Google Mobile-Friendly Test checks if a website is adjusted for mobile phone use.

It is called a Google search console, which also notifies hacker content.

This handy tool will also help you manage the content that appears in the search engines.

When testing your website, you’ll get a screenshot of how the page looks to Google on a mobile and a list of possible mobile usability issues.

It is free of charge and very easy to use.


GTmetrix provides you with information about optimizing your website and tells you how well your site loads.

It can easily determine the performance of your website and can help you develop more efficient and faster website experience for your users.

This freemium tool can test your pages on daily basis, analyze the loading of your site from different regions around the world, set up monitored alerts, record a video of your page loading and pinpoint exactly where bottlenecks occur and more.


HEADMasterSEO is a bulk URL checker tool that helps you analyze, filter and sort the results in real-time or export them to CSV.

It is easy to use and free for checking lists of up to 500 URLs.

This is a small app that is optimized to run fast and use as little memory as possible.

It can trace the complete redirect path and track details about every URL in a redirection sequence, rewrite URLs on the fly, validate XML sitemaps for errors, export the server response of all the listed URLs and more.


This tool helps you generate the tags for your multi-language or multi-country site easily.

It will help you generate the hreflang tags patterns to use in the different language and country versions of your pages.

This allows Google to understand your content and serve the correct result for users.

If you serve different language variations on your website, you need to display the equivalent language URLs for that page in the tag to understand that one page is related to another.


Kill Duplicate is a tool that identifies websites that duplicate your content.

This tool is very easy to use and it allows you to scan your website by creating an account.

Once the scan is done, you will see the list of URLs and pages with duplicate problems.

Mark the page with duplicate content, see which part of the content is duplicated and then take action.

Try demo version or subscribe to one of the pricing plans.


We help you get structured web data insights to make better data-driven decisions. transforms the internet into the largest search engine of structured web data for data-minded professionals – marketers, investment professionals, IP specialists, researchers at national statistical offices and universities – so that they can do detailed research, make better decisions, measure the digital economy and fight cybercrime.

– We're transparent in how we work and how we get our data: we index
the data ourselves.

– We have a strict verification process and we comply with European
privacy regulations.

– We add value to data by scoring it. We have our own team of data
scientists who builds machine learning classifiers.

With you can search through the structured world wide web and identify key growth opportunities, emerging players and market trends; track historical web trends and oversee digital developments of key competitors and industry players; get detailed insights into your customers and construct detailed company profiles; detect infringing websites that can't be found using a regular search engine; track and analyze trends to make better forecasts and decisions; and more.


Keyword Eye is a visual keyword and competitor research tool.

It gives you a clear look on what the market is looking for and helps your own business to grow.

The data is sourced from SEMRush, Grepwords, Google/YouTube/Amazon Autocomplete.

It provides a 7-day free trial, a monthly and annual package.


KeywordSpy is intended for everyone who needs insights into competitor’s keyword research strategy.

This tool offers real-time tracking in monitoring keyword performance and affiliate intelligence.

Google, Yahoo and Bing are the supported search engines for this tool.

A free trial is available, after which you can buy a plan that suits you most.


AMZ Tracker helps you improve your Amazon business.

Using this tool you can get your product to rank at the top of the Amazon search results.

It starts by tracking your keywords, helps you improve them, tracks your competitors’ products and keeps you updated about the changes that actually work.

This tool even has negative review alerts; that way you can react quickly to the review with lover than 5 stars and improve your rankings.

Try the 7-day free trial version or pay for one of the packages.


Authoritas is a big data science-driven SEO & content marketing platform.

It is designed for agencies, eCommerce business or Enterprise.

This software discovers organic search marketing opportunities and helps you improve your business.

You can analyze your competition with the Web Graph or get content strategy recommendations.

There are four packages available (Niche, National, Enterprise and MNEs) and all of them include SEO tools and data.


Botify is a freemium cloud-based tool that examines your site and provides detailed SEO analysis.

It can help you increase organic traffic on your site.

One of his tool’s options is ranking every URL on the site and making a total score.

There are sessions and certification trainings available for companies to help them understand using keywords and online marketing strategies.

Botify also provides a real time data of search engine activity.


This is a freemium web analytics service intended mainly for companies.

It measures the impact of social media on some specific businesses and shows social activities, reviews, and number of visitors on daily basis.

Some of its main features are:

– URL-builder
– Goals feature that tracks the most critical metrics
– Audience reports
– Flow visualization
– Custom reports

Google Analytics also shows the type of traffic and time spent on some websites.


Google Analytics Referrer Spam Killer is a free tool for SEA, SEO and Adwords.

This is a free tool that is used for blocking ghost, traffic, and analytics spam from Google Analytics.

It will make it very easy for you to notice spam domains and content.

This tool will not work if used with some other analytics software.


Boomerang is a tool that reminds users to send emails, and with it you can also control when you want the email to be sent and received.

It also gives the opportunity to postpone your emails and send them on a scheduled date.

This is an extension that can be added only to Gmail accounts.

It also has a follow up option, which is very useful.

This tool can be purchased (Pro, Premium, and Personal packages) or used free of charge.


Cloudflare provides a content delivery network, DDoS mitigation, Internet security services and distributed domain name server services.

It is sitting between the visitor and the Cloudflare user’s hosting provider, acting as a reverse proxy for websites.

This tool offers many apps and extensions: Performance Products, Security Products, Reliability Products, Insight Products and Extensions.

Cloudflare offers both free and paid versions.


Piktochart is an intuitive tool that helps you create interesting, visually powerful and creative images of your progress.

With Piktochart you can create:

– Infographics
– Presentations
– Designs
– Prints (such as flyers and posters)

It offers templates and high customization, suiting whatever need you may have.

This handy tool makes design available to everyone.


This is a long tail keyword tool for website owners, bloggers and marketers who want to increase search engine traffic.

While analyzing your existing website traffic, it generates and provides you with the best keyword suggestions for your audience.

There is a SEO checker that will help you to optimize the page for target keywords.

You can try it for free, but if you want an unlimited access you can buy it for an affordable price depending on the pricing plan (pro, business or agency).


Clicky Web Analytics is a tool that can help you monitor, analyze, and react to your blog or web site’s traffic in real time.

It provides detailed reports that you can filter and sort to quickly find what’s working and what needs t be improved.

You can easily track every visitor, block malicious bots, view heatmaps per visitor session, see the on-site analytics and alerts when your site is down.

Try it for free or buy one of the four available plans (Pro, Pro Plus, Pro Platinum or Custom).


Domain Hunter Plus is a convenient tool you can use for finding aged and quality domains with already great backlink profiles with ready to use targeted traffic.

It is also designed to find web 2.0 accounts, as well as blogging platforms and show the accounts available for acquisition.

The Analyze Web 2.0 tab allows you to check the quality of the domains found.

Its clean user interface allows filtering the domains with multiple metrics.

This tool is free and you have unlimited access to it.


This is a blogger outreach software designed for searching blog that accept guest posts.

It not only allows you to search for relevant blogs but also keep track of the ones you submitted a guest post to.

There is a huge curated list of guest post friendly blogs available – all you have to do is reach out to them and build a relationship.

It also lets you track anchor text from links in the guest post.

As it is mobile-friendly, you can use it wherever you go.

This tool requires one-time fee of $47.


HARO is not a traditional SEO tool but is really helpful when it comes to collecting more backlinks to your site from various articles.

This tool gives journalists a wide database of opportunities for sources to obtain great media coverage.

Sign up and provide basic company information after which you’ll be receiving three emails per day containing media opportunities.

You can contact a journalist, send a quote to be included in their article and get a baclink to your site.

This is a freemium tool.


Seoptimer is a free SEO analysis tool designed for SEO experts, marketers, webmasters, and business owners.

It analyzes URL’s on-page SEO ranking factors and gives a summary of the most important action items.

This tool provides an easy-to-read report of your website emphasizing what’s good and what you can improve.

Create simple PDF reports with your logo and company details to send to your customers.

It can also check your competitors’ sites and tell you how you’re doing comparing to them.


Easily evaluate your SEO progress and be always up to date with what others are saying about your company, you and your competitors using Solo SEO.

You can keep track of your SEO progress by pulling various reports and creating ranking graphs.

Solo SEO manages reports on backlinks, keywords and also shows individual page ranks.

Get learning resources, as well as step-by-step SEO tools.

You can choose from three pricing plans – Jumpstart, Pro and Free Traffic for Life Mastery Program.


Text Tools is an app based on a formular known as TF-IDF and WDF-IDF that will help you optimize and create targeted content for your niche.

Choose the keyword and text you want to rank for it and get a report of all the semantically related terms for that keyword that are used in highest-ranking webpages.

This tool calculates the quality of a text doing the semantic analysis and also suggests the best terms you should include in your text to optimize it.

There are three pricing plans available.


Trendspottr is a tool that predicts emerging trends, viral content and key influencers intended for marketers, global brands and agencies.

There are no limitations as far as the topic is concerned – this tool predicts all the above for any topic from across the web.

It also predicts threats and crises to your business and brand reputation.

It allows you to optimize media planning and purchase ads based on emerging viral content.

7-day trial is available, after which you must pay $49 to subscribe.


This is a search engine optimization software that provides free SEO report for your website, as well as a complete SEO service for you to increase your rankings.

Some of this tool’s features are:

-website assessment report that gives detailed look at website’s SEO performance,
-SEO Report Card with your competitive analysis, keyword rankings, backlinks and more
– automated workflow that tells you how to improve your ranking and many more features.

You can choose between a free and paid profile.


The purpose of Contentbird tool is to streamline the content marketing process. This tool simplifies the content marketing processes by using one user-friendly platform for different functionalities needed in content marketing. It should allow you to save time, have higher content ROI and make better decisions since it unites various tools, such as search tools, content creation, planning, distribution and analysis tools into one workflow platform. There is a free trial available.

It’s especially useful when you’re dealing with a project that has multiple stakeholders.


This tool is very helpful for determining bad backlinks that you should disavow.

It will save you a lot of time if you run site audits regularly, traffic drop assessments or link audits.

Enter URLs to obtain better results because you I will able to click on the links produced and look for your sites link.

Single URL use is free, but there is a fee of $25 per month or $250 per year and with that you’ll have an unlimited access to this tool.


Muck Rack is a relationship-building platform for discovering and pitching relevant journalists using social media.

By searching keywords, beats, company names and more you can find the right person to pitch.

You’ll get emails whenever journalists are tweeting about your campaign, competitors or any keywords.

Pitch directly to the journalist’s email and connect with them wherever you are a given moment.

Although this tool is not free, you can request a demo version.


This is a paid fast bulk URL opener tool that can help you have a better look into multiple URLs you are exploring at the moment.

You can copy/paste list of URLs into the provided place, and in a moment multiple tabs will be opening in your browser.

The main advantage of this tool is said in its name – it’s fast.

By using this tool you’ll shorten the time needed to open and explore new URLs, so it’s pretty handy for SEO marketing experts.


The Open Link Profiler has a unique name, but its functionality is exactly the same as any other backlink scanner. Paste in the URL of a target website, and the tool will show you its complete backlink profile. The neat thing about it is a panel with a bunch of filters that you can use to find links from specific industries, specific page titles etc.


Browseo is a web app used for viewing any webpage without distractions.

It can also be downloaded as a mobile app.

The tool points out the parts that are important for SEO, so you can see details about pages and its content.

It highlights internal and external links separately for you, as well as no follow links.

You also have the option to download a spreadsheet with the most important data from your current session.


Forecheck can help you with the SEO analysis of your website, as well as redirects and link analysis.

You can also get various reports that will give you detailed insights to relevant search engine factors.

It will speed up many of your daily tasks and can be used by a single person, a team or an agency.

Get a Forecheck Download and Web-based Demo or purchase a version that suit your needs.


Word to Clean HTML is a tool using which you can convert a Word document into an HTML document.

It provides automated conversion process.

This tool is using the Python programming language to manipulate the HTML.

You can not only convert a document into a clean HTML, but also see the original HTML and get a preview of the text on a web page.

Word to Clean HTML is completely free of charge


This is one of the free Google Webmaster’s tools that helps you check the indexing status and optimize your website’s visibility.

It is preferred by SEO-minded professionals as it provides various aspects of website’s appearance and keeps you focused on the metrics.

This console creates data points that don’t reconcile with Google Analytics or ranking and helps you understand your website and audience.

It provides the number of visitors on your website and tells you more about their user experience.


Open SEO Stats can help you gather lots of SEO data from any web page on the Internet.

It allows users to easily access a wide range of SEO stats and metrics including its Alexa rank, traffic stats, page speed, social metrics, backlink analyses, and more.

This tool is very useful for deep research quickly.

One of the best features of this extension is that you will get page index status of your website in all search engines at one place.

You can use Open SEO Stats free of charge.


Site Analyzer analyzes all SEO factors, help you prioritize your work, easily export data, and discover keyword opportunities.

This tool provides a list of backlinks pointing to a domain, a subdomain or a URL.

It will give you a great idea of your competitors’ most important backlinks, which can help you improve your net linking strategy.

Using it, you can also find the best keywords for your SEO niche.

There are four available packages, so you can choose the most suitable one.


Banana Tag is an e-mail tracking tool that helps sort and track sent emails.

This tool has features like:

– Email Tracking
– Email Scheduling
– Email Templates
– Attachment Tracking
– Email Analytics

Its a handy tool that can give the user a nice glance of whatever happens to their messages and everyone can use it.


Trello is a project management app.

It gives results in productivity, and makes any team process more easy and fun.

Trello helps your team stay organized and focused.

It doesn’t matter what the main motive is (a workation or a family gathering), this tool helps you achieve your set goal or target effectively.

Trello stays in sync across all devices, and can integrate other user apps like Evernote and more.

The tool is free for the basic service.


WooRank can help businesses of any size perfect their digital marketing strategy and increase online visibility.  Whether you are working on your website’s SEO, researching keyword opportunities or selling your own SEO services, WooRank has the perfect solution. During the 14-day free trial, you can test the entire suite of tools relative to your needs. These tools include: keyword identification and tracking, competitor analysis, a deep technical Site Crawl, individual page analysis, white-label PDF reports and much more. WooRank also offers data services and an API integration for larger projects. WooRank has several plans depending on your needs and your budget. You can also try the free Chrome and Firefox browser extension for a quick website analysis.


This tool uncovers the real keywords used by real users as real search terms.

It has an extension for Google Chrome that can work as a background process.

Keyword Tool Dominator leverages databases from Google, Amazon, YouTube, Bing, eBay, Google Shopping and Etsy keyword tool.

Each tool can be bought separately at a one-time purchase.

Keyword suggestions from the corresponding auto complete services are being updated regularly.

You can sign up and try it for free.


If you need some keyword ideas and suggestions for your content, Bing Keyword research is there to help you.

This keyword research tool is a part of Bing webmaster tools and can be accessed by creating a Bing account.

All data you can get from this tool is based on organic and not paid search.

Research history keeps track of up to 25 keywords.

This tool can be used in many languages and countries/regions.


UberSuggest started as a simple tool that provides more data on a keyword. Using it you can get keyword overview, suggestions, keyword difficulty, as well as the competitive overview. The result would be the list of the best keywords you can collect for your new SEO site building. After Neil Patel’s purchase, he’s begun adding new features to complete with industry leaders which include a backlink checker, weekly keyword rank tracking and competitor analysis. It’s free for now so give it a spin.


By using Disavow Link Analysis Tool you can actually ask Google not to count certain links pointing to your site.

However, you should be very careful and disavow only links you know were built in order to manipulate Google’s results.

In order to disavow unwanted links you should download a list of links to your site and then carefully select the sites you want to disavow.

Make a new list of links and upload it to Google.


Fresh Link Finder is a useful tool for discovering new links that can get you more traffic.

Every account has a rank tracker available, which is used for following the position of the certain keywords.

Fresh Link Finder is a good solution for both SEO agencies and webmasters interested in the Google rank of their site in real time.


Alexa is software that can increase your traffic using SEO and competitor analysis tools.

It’s a great resource for Analysts, Investors, Publishers and Business Development Professionals.

Use keyword research, competitive analysis, content and site analysis tools to discover new opportunities and ideas.

You can try a 7-day free trial or choose from three plans: Marketing Stack, Website Traffic Analysis and Certified Alexa Rank.


Nibbler is a free tool for testing websites.

Enter the address of any website and Nibbler will give you a report scoring the website out of 10 for key areas, including accessibility, SEO, social media and technology.

The tool looks at the domain name for the address you are testing, and looks for pages inside that.

It is completely free, but it is also limited to three reports.


Remove’em helps you avoid the Penguin penalties or unnatural links penalty.

It’s an easy-to use link and anchor text checking tool that will keep your site clean of harmful anchor words and links.

You will automatically get link data from all the major providers such as Moz, Majestic (Open Apps) and AHrefs.

Work-Flow feature will also help you take control of your own backlink profile.

It’s not free to use, but there are different packages you can choose from.


Rmoov is a helpful tool when it comes to removing unnatural, low quality and “spammy” links.

This link management tool helps bloggers and companies to prevent any Google penalty since it tracks links that can cause harm, digs the contact information about the person in charge, and starts email campaign.

The Basic version is free, but there are also four paid subscription options available.

Creating a customized pricing plan suitable for your company is also an option.


The free Siege Media Embed Code Generator is a tool that can help you get more inbound links.

It has 2 options: it can transform photo and it can transform video into a code that is readable for the HTML structure.

This is especially important when using WordPress themes to build your site – adding the image and video should be done via text editor (not visual editor) and they have to be inserted as a structure, not just a link to the image (if added directly from the site).


URL Profiler is a handy tool for SEOs using which you can audit links, content, as well as social data.

This tool can help you with content audit, link prospecting, penalty audits, social and contact data and domain research.

You can open an Excel/Google sheet directly in the URL window, than choose the data you want to receive from the URLs you chose, and simply click run to let the URL Profiler filter and report.

A 14-day trial version is available, along with three different pricing plans.


Bitly is a link management platform.

Create custom links that represent your branding across every channel, track link analytics and measure campaign performance.

Its main goal is to create good links, track them and help you optimize your business.

You can also create your account on the site and get yourself a free insight in the services to understand the concept better.


Google PageSpeed Insights speeds up the pages for both mobile and desktop devices.

It analyses the content of the websites and shows solutions for speeding them up.

This tool also provides suggestions about how pages can be upgraded.

The score it gives is categorized as being good, medium, or low as the tool assumes that you’d like to keep the same functionality of the webpage.


CircleCount is a tool that will help you manage and explore your social media engagement.

It can be used by either small and medium business or large business.

There is also a Chrome extension available.

Some of its most use features are Your Graph, Facebook Dashboard, Your Reactions, Favorite Posts, Your Pages, Your Ranking, Your Connections and many more.

You can also get a CircleCount PRO for 29.99 € yearly.


Although not as popular as it once was, MyBlogGuest is one of the most well-known guest blog communities online.

It is a service that helps writers and bloggers get in touch for guest blogging.

The idea is to give guest bloggers and blog owners seeking quality content platform where they can connect, trade posts, share their expertise and help each other promote their guest posts and blogs.

You can also find ready-made guest posts there or browse through categories and tags to find relevant posts and get a preview.


This is a tool you can use to easily create HTML with microdata.

After you create a schema, it allows you to copy and paste the code to your site.

You can also add additional item properties to it.

The settings allow you to turn CSS on and off, as well as to include/ exclude certain microdata attributes.


Wayback Machine detects error codes and checks to see if the archived versions of the URLs requested are available.

It is dedicated solely to storing web pages, so you can look through them again later and it is a great way to find old pages.

This tool provides a place to preserve digital artifacts, but it can be used for entertainment to see what a page used to look like.

The pages shown on Wayback Machine only reflect the ones that were archived by the service, not the pages’ update frequency.


Screaming Frog Log File Analyser helps you upload quickly a log file and analyze it from an SEO perspective.

It shows the exact data when a search engine bot visits your website.

The Log File Analyser supports Apache and Amazon Elastic Load Balancing custom log file format.

After uploading your file, the tool will automatically process the data and allow you to analyze and filter.

The free version is restricted and it doesn’t allow you to save more than one project at a time.


This is a free website crawler that allows you to crawl websites’ URLs and find key onsite elements to analyze onsite SEO.

SEO Spider crawls sites like Googlebot.

If there are no directives, it will crawl your site like Googlebot while still presenting its own UA.

This tool also helps with detailed and easy to generate white-label reports that can be downloaded as PDFs, which helps with client feedback.

You can either use it free of charge or purchase a license.


This tool gives information about the quality and quantity of backlinks to your website, ordered by their importance.

It allows you to track your backlinks status over time and is intended for webmasters, small business owners and SEO agencies.

SEO Site Checkup creates automated checkups.

This tool provides great reports you can send to your clients, such as general SEO reports, specific SEO reports and more.

You can use it free for 14 days and then purchase one of the packages.


Seomator is a tool that provides an in-depth technical SEO analysis, as well as in-depth technical SEO analysis for website optimization.

This tool is easy to use and can save you hours of work as it includes all On-Page and Off-Page analytics.

The in-depth analysis includes checking the content, site structure, structured data and broken internal links.

It offers a comparative analysis of competitors using the Seomator’s Domain Comparison Tool.

Choose the most suitable pricing plan or try if for free.


The gShift Site Audit tool is simple to use and provides a quick method of reading and evaluating your on-page elements and structured data. It delivers easy to digest reports, enabling you to analyze and prioritize items, which may need more immediate attention in order to improve your organic search visibility. With gShift Site Audit, you will be able to quick gain insight into the following elements of your website and more:

  • Resources (pages, css, images, PDFs, etc.)
  • Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Headings
  • Internal/External Links
  • Images
  • Canonicals
  • Meta Robots
  • URLs
  • Errors (broken links, missing images, internal server errors, etc.)
  • Redirects

Wistia is a provider of professional video hosting services for businesses. This tool adds videos to the web, tracks their performance, and finds new ways to build and engage with the audience. This is a marketing tool that will help your business attract new customers and maintain the old ones. It offers custom thumbnails, no ads or related videos, interactive elements. Wistia delivers videos using global content delivery networks. Both free and paid plans are available.

Wistia’s SEO functionality automatically includes metadata in your website to optimize your site for search engine indexing.


Topvisor is a great all-in-one tool intended for webmasters, SEO-consultants and Internet marketers.

It has several tools that help you track web rankings, find the right keywords for your website and detect On-Page optimization problems.

You can also find it on Apple or Google Store.

This software isn’t free but has a free offer without quality guarantee.

It can also be added as a Chrome extension.


Whitespark is a free online SEO analysis tool that helps you improve your business.
This tool tracks your search engine optimization rankings by location.
It also helps you find your citations and online references to your business, which can increase your rankings.
Using it, you can build your reputation via online customer feedback and reviews and you can easily find quality link-building opportunities.


GrepWords is a huge keyword database with several internal tools and related APIs.

It helps you determine the most accurate keyword that the API puts into the database after the research.

The API receives HTTP requests and can return data in JSON, XML, or CSV formatted responses.

This tool is great for SEO specialist.

A 2-week free trial is available, after which you can choose the most suitable pricing plan.


iSpionage is a software intended for competitive search engine marketers.

It helps you understand your competitors better, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

Using this tool you can:

– Discover your competitors
– Analyze your competitors
– Drive targeted traffic
– Steal competitors’ traffic and strategy
– Generate more leads
– Increase conversion rates

iSpionage offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to all first time customers.


Visual Website Optimizer is an all-in-one optimization platform.

It helps you track your business goals, analyze visitors, build data-driven hypotheses, run tests, personalize content and understand customers.

It’s an easy-to-use tool intended for marketers, product managers and analysts.

There are several integrated tools – WordPress, BigCommerce, Shopify, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and more.

You can use it on your PC, tablet or mobile.

A 30-day trial version is available.


W3counter is a website analytics tool designed for Internet marketers, bloggers, and businesses.

It’s a place where you can find Free Web Stats and Website Widgets.

This tool helps you learn more about your visitors, how they find your site and information on their interests.

All this data will give you an idea on how to improve your marketing and SEO strategies.

Use it for free and get limited access or get a Pro or a Business plan for a reasonable price.


Using SECockipt tool you can get unique keyword suggestions.

It can be used equally successful as a mobile app on your phone or tablet.

You can try this tool with 30-day risk free trial, as well as easily accessible training materials and support.

If you decide to use this tool you will get a bonus tool called Run tracker free of charge.


ShareMetric is a very useful tool for everyone who needs to follow the webpage metrics for any reason.

As a Google Chrome extension, it is very handy because you can get all metrics by just loading the web page.

Using this tool you can check:

– Social metrics from all social networks
– Link metrics from Moz (free account)
– AhRefs (paid account)
– Organic search metrics provided by SEMrush (paid account).


Using Traffic Travis, you can do a research on your website, as well as monitor and drive traffic to it.

This tool can improve your website’s search engine rankings and increase your income.

It can be used by webmasters and SEO professionals for competitive analysis.

Traffic Travis can be downloaded and used for free.


This freemium tool works as an important news locator and can be used by agencies, business analysts, marketing or sales teams.

It represents a Market Intelligence solution for researching important data such as:

-digital effectiveness
-competitors traffic
-market itself
-market share
-real time trends
-strategic solutions and more.

This tool has a good UX design solution and is very easy to use.

The location is probably the main filter and it shapes the presented URLs.


Story Base reveals and present the way people search the internet – it finds the perfect content that brings customer to your site.

It allows you to access the exact phrasing people used to search for the particular topic.

This gives you the opportunity to go deeply into the path of searching, which is an advantage when making a marketing strategy for target market.

This future look marketing is good for exploring new markets.

The tool is not free, but there is a 14-day trial available.


Webtexttool is a 3 in 1 SEO-friendly content creator that can be used by everyone.

This tool can help you with optimizing your SEO scores, written content and finding available keywords.

Free plug-ins are available to users working in CMS like WP, Drupal, Joomla and Sitecore.

If you prefer writing the content in Word, an add-in option might come in handy.

Get a 30-day trial version to test it or buy one of the available plans.



YTCockpit helps you find popular keywords on Youtube.

It also shows you how difficult it is to rank for those keywords depending on the competition.

This tool gathers data from Youtube Suggest and Google AdWords and lists info on your competition for the top 20 ranking videos for every keyword found.

Users can see the average video length, number of likes and amount of comments for each video that ranks for a given keyword.

The tool is not free, but there is 30-day money back guarantee.


SiteExplorer is a web tool providing many SEO tools and statistics.

Just place the URL and you will get the results.

Browse for the backlinks, dedicated IPs, IPv4 subnets, referring IDs and TLDs.

You can also access it via some of your social net accounts, or create the account by registration on the site.

This tool is available free of charge.


Rank Ranger is a unique marketing and SEO software in a way that it makes the software customizable to your specific needs. It is a paid tool that will provide the results fast, which are always up to date and spot on. The tool has a clean user interface, provides you with limitless keyword tracking. You can even track your rankings on auto-pilot. It has a very professional reporting system, which is also customizable – you can choose the reporting format and even preferred delivery option.


Rival IQ is paid social media analytics software.

It is very easy to use and has a great customer support.

What makes it very useful as well is that it gathers intelligence on competitors and compares your progress with them.

Using it, you can also discover new and fresh content ideas.

It has an up-to-date reporting system that keeps you alert about any changes that might happen with your or your competitors campaign.

A 14-day trial is available. Rival IQ is paid social media analytics software.

It is very easy to use and has a great customer support.

What makes it very useful as well is that it gathers intelligence on competitors and compares your progress with them.

Using it, you can also discover new and fresh content ideas.

It has an up-to-date reporting system that keeps you alert about any changes that might happen with your or your competitors campaign.

A 14-day trial is available.


SEO Rank Monitor is a ranking tracker that presents SEO data in a read-easy way.

It allows you to track your or your competitors’ ratings on various search engines and locations.

Use it both on your computer and mobile device.

Check rankings for specific keywords, keyword groups, specific city, change in rankings between two dates and more.

Export reports in Excel, PDF or get your reports emailed to you daily, weekly or monthly.

This tool is not free to use, but a free 14-day trial is available.


Seorch is an SEO On-Page and site analysis tool.

Use it to check the On-Page factors and improve your website.

If you want to permanently monitor your Google rankings you can easily do it for just $10 per month with basic check version.

Find and fix SEO mistakes use Multi SEO check and analyze several pages at once (XML Sitemap is needed).

On-Page Analysis with executed JavaScript is included in the Pro Version.

For testing your website for On-Page SEO factors, you can use the SEO crawler.


Web Page Test is a free speed test tool for your website.

While testing it uses real browsers with optimization recommendations.

WPT is used for analyzing the web page performance and testing it is really simple and quick.

SpeedIndex as one of its features, measures how long it takes to the above-the-fold content to be displayed.

Visual Comparison is part of the Web Page Test and it helps you compare your website to other sites visually.


SEO Crawler is SEO analysis software intended for businesses, SEOs and agencies.

It has been designed to help you increase SEO rankings and conversions rate.

You can now crawl your website and the Internet for valuable SEO data.

This software includes:

-Rank Tracker
-Competitors Inspection
-Site Auditor
-Website Analytics
-Backlinks Explorer
-Keyword Finder
-Link Manager
-White Label

You can try this tool for free.


This is one of the oldest rank trackers on the market, which means that the technology is mature enough to provide the most accurate data possible.

It can generate reports on a schedule and in many different formats, so you can rebrand the interface for the needs of your clients.

Serpfox invests in computing infrastructure all around the world to return the most accurate results for your location.

There are four paid plans to choose from and you can cancel your subscription at any time.


SERPWoo is an SEO Rank Tracking and Deep SERP Analysis tool.

Its niche tracker tracks the top 20+ results for any given keyword.

This tool monitors and provides data analysis tools which give you a deeper understanding of why those top 20 sites are ranking in your niche.

You can then use this information to improve your own SEO efforts and improve your rankings.

Purchase one of the four plans with the option to cancel it anytime.


This tool helps you effortlessly track search engine positions, monitor competitors and verify the impact of your SEO campaigns.

It’s designed to be responsive so that you can access your data whenever you want and wherever you are.

You can track unlimited number of keywords, websites, and competitors.

Share the results with your colleagues, clients or your agency.

It offers a 30-day free trial, after which you can choose one of many plans.


Siren is a data intelligence platform intended mainly for analysts, investigators and data scientists.

It allows you to connect data across multiple sources at huge scale.

You can now explore data through interactive search, using dashboards and knowledge graphs.

Siren can be used in Finance, Life Sciences, Law Enforcement, as well as Operational Intelligence.

Before purchasing, you can try it free of charge.


The Markup Validator is a free service by W3C that helps check the validity of Web documents.

It is able to process documents that are written in most markup languages.

Supported document types include HTML, XHTML, MathML, SMIL and SVG (1.0 and 1.1, including the mobile profiles).

Validating Web documents can improve and ensure their quality.


Inspyder Sitemap Validator checks your sitemap for errors.

Using it, you can validate XML sitemaps, video sitemaps, image sitemaps and mobile sitemaps.

It is a very easy-to-use tool – all you have to do is enter the sitemap URL and click the Validate button.

You can use this tool completely free of charge.


A lesser known tool but it boasts a full featured tool set around rank tracking, backlink monitoring, keyword research and domain analytics. Prices start at $29/mo.


If you build backlinks via link insertion, this tool can be a big timesaver. Enter a list of sites and a list of keywords into the tool.

The tool gives you all of the relevant blog posts to potentially go after.


Squirrly SEO introduces the First-Ever Non-Human SEO Consultant. In a plugin. Powered by Machine Learning and Cloud Services.

Just like a real consultant would do, Squirrly SEO analyses a user’s WordPress site to identify priority SEO tasks that need solving. Then, based on its personalized analysis, it generates detailed to-dos for boosting Google rankings.

By analyzing your pages and site, the system will reveal the current problems that are stopping you from achieving better rankings, and provide a fix.

Furthermore, as a Squirrly user, you will receive clear SEO recommendations that are customized for your site.

So, if you have 3 different sites, you’ll most probably get different to-dos on each of those sites (these to-dos are shown in the Daily Goals section of Squirrly SEO).

Here’s how the Daily SEO Goals section of Squirrly SEO looks like so that you can get a better idea of how it all works:

Daily SEO Goals section

In addition to offering unparalleled guidance in terms of what actions to take in order to reach better Google Rankings, Squirrly also provides an extensive set of built-in tools, including:

  • a keyword research tool for finding high-potential SEO keywords with low competition.
  • a live assistant that helps you optimize your content while you are writing it, with real-time SEO tips.
  • a site Audit tool that makes it easy to promptly uncover technical issues affecting your site
  • a Blogging assistant that helps you find copyright-free images without leaving your WordPress editor
  • an accurate Rank Tracking tool for tracking performance
  • a tool for organizing and managing your keyword portfolio (called Briefcase)
  • and much more.

The SEO Browser is a basic SEO scanner that reveals information like the response code, load speed, words in page, the number of internal and external links, the heading structure, and a little SERP preview. While it might not be the most useful thing in the world, it’s free to use.


Google Data Studio is Google’s own data visualization tool. It helps turn raw data from Analytics and other sources into easily readable charts, graphs, and tables. Its drag & drop editor is very intuitive to use and there are even countless templates that allow you to plop in your own data and create a full-on report in minutes.


The seoClarity Research Grid allows you to dig into the mobile and desktop SEO performance of any website for absolutely free. You can filter data by rank, rank type, keyword, keyword patterns, URL, search volume, estimated traffic along with other filters, and even uncover the average cost per click of each keyword a website uses.


The Blueprint Training offer a variety of tools, courses, and pieces of training for aspiring SEOs. It includes 26 modules that cover each aspect of search engine optimization. As the team calls it, the package is an “SEO agency in a box”, and if you decide to pay the lifetime access fee, you will gain access to all of the tools forever.


This free SERP checker is awesome for quickly and accurately finding your search engine ranking position. Enter in your domain name along with up to 10 keywords and after the tool is done scanning, you will receive a graph with the performance of your page for each keyword.


The Referral Ghost Spam Removal Tool by Loganix will help you clean up your Google Analytics spam from social buttons, adult sites, and other shady resources. Not only does it block future spam, but also targets recursive spam. Its database is updated on a weekly basis, features manual submissions, and is statistically 97% effective.


Do you need to check how your site appears in SERPs from different locations? With ISearchFrom you can simulate a Google search from any location, language, and even device. It also has additional options like “show only in specified language”, Google domain, personalized search, and more.


Even though it’s called the SERP Snippet Optimizer it doesn’t actually do any optimization. Instead, it simulates a SERP so you can see whether your title and meta description fit in within Google’s limitations, and make relevant adjustments if need be.


If you’ve ever needed to turn a spreadsheet of data into a comma-separated list, you know the pain of doing it by hand. With you don’t have to do it by yourself and instead can just paste your column data into the field on the left, and easily convert it into a comma-delimited line. It also works in reverse!


Redirect Path is another Chrome extension built for tracking redirects. It flags up 301, 302, 404, and 500 HTTP status codes along with client-side redirects (Meta & Javascript). It also keeps track of errors and displays HTTP headers like server types and caching headers along with server IPs at the press of a button.



Detailed is a backlink database for all of the most popular websites in the biggest niches. Select a niche, and you will see the top 49 websites that have the most backlinks in it. Choose the site you wish to take a closer look at, and get instant access to its entire backlink profile with dates and exact names and URLs of the pages linking to them.


Siteliner is a small web-based tool with irreplaceable functionality. Once you paste in your URL, it will scan your pages for duplicate content and errors. It also finds broken links, related domains and even compares your site with others in terms of page size, load time, words per page, text to HTML ratio, number of links, and more.


Tired of getting “not provided” instead of your keyword data in Google Analytics? Keyword Hero was created to help you with just that. The tool collects your keyword data from nine different sources, including Google Analytics, Search Console, and more via Google-certified API access. And while it won’t magically reveal 100% of your keyword data, it will still give your data a huge boost.


Yep, it’s really called the Keyword Shitter. And the name fits the tool quite well. Have you guessed what it does yet? It helps generate hundreds of keyword ideas by simply typing in your main keyword and clicking start. It is great for both short and longtail keywords, and for a free tool that costs absolutely nothing to use, it can come quite handy when you’re in desperate need of some keyword ideas.


Seed Keywords is a very simple tool that can be used as part of your keyword research exercise. In it, you can create scenarios, for example, “if you wanted to go to a restaurant, what would you search for”, get unique URLs for those scenarios and send them to your friends, contacts and customers via email or message for them to answer and give you keyword ideas.


Soovle is a great little tool for keyword research and content creation inspiration. It collects data from all the major services including Bing, Google, Amazon,, Yahoo, Wikipedia, and YouTube all in one place. All you have to do is type in a search term, and suggestions will start appearing all over your screen.


The Bulk Keyword Generator is the perfect keyword generation tool for local businesses. First, choose your business type, then type in the location you want to create keywords for, and after clicking “Generate” you will get your custom list of keywords for that business type and location. You can also export them in .CSV format to access later. is an awesome keyword research tool that snatches keyword ideas right out of Google’s autocomplete suggestions. In SERPs, you will see no more than five autocomplete suggestions per query, but shows up to 20! The tool will also add different letters to your query to get hundreds of unique suggestions in a matter of seconds



Keys4Up is a keyword research tool in its most basic form. Just type in your keyword in the field, click search, and the tool will give you the list of all its related keywords. You will have to register to get access to all of the related keywords though because if you don’t Keys4Up will only show a fraction of all keywords.


WonderSearch is another tool for keyword research. After entering in your root keyword, WonderSearch will reveal all of its semantically-related keywords for you. So, if you’re in need of some fresh keyword ideas, this little site can come in handy.


SEO Hero might seem like another semantic keyword finder at first glance, but it’s actually much more than that. After you type in your keyword into it, it will actually scan the top 100 URLs ranking for that keyword, extract n-grams and reveal all relevant, semantic concepts and topics that those websites cover to help you generate new content strategies and ideas.


Much like the keyword permutator, KeywordIn is a simple tool for generating keyword ideas by combining various short keywords into long-tail ones. This tool can have up to 9 columns from which it will take and combine your keywords. It also gives you a selection of 3 match types: exact match, “phrase match”, and [exact match].


Keyworddit is a rather unique keyword research tool. It works by extracting the most used keywords and phrases from subreddits. Just type in the name of a subreddit, hit “Get Keywords” and you will be given a list of keywords, ranging from as few as 10 to thousands of mentions. Keep in mind that subreddits with more activity will naturally have more keywords than ones with fewer messages and users.


Keyword Surfer is a tiny Google Chrome extension that serves a single purpose: to save you time by showing search volumes directly in search results. As soon as you type in your target phrase, not only will you get the search volumes, but also keyword suggestions, visibility metrics, related terms, and even on-page data.


The AdWords & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator is a simple permutator in its most basic form. Enter in short keywords into three columns and watch the tool spew out hundreds of variations in the big box below.


Getting information about newly-built links can take a couple days if you look at your analytics logs and even up to a month if you’re using search engine reports. Linkstant, on the other hand, gives you immediate access to all of your newly-built links, their URLs, and anchor texts within seconds of their creation. This will both keep your link building team motivated and save you a good deal of precious time.


Broken links are bad for business, and you need to run timely scans in order to find and fix them before they cost you traffic and revenue. This Free Broken Link Checker helps with just that, it validates both internal and external links, reports their HTTP error codes, and shows their exact location in your HTML for you to fix.


Backlinks in Neil Patel’s own backlink checking tool for competitive research. Instantly access the backlink profile of any site, and see sites that are linking to your competition but not to you. It even displays the exact number of referring domains and comes with a variety of filters for you to narrow the search down and identify only the best link opportunities for you.


Google My Business is a free tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. With it, you can verify and edit the information that users can find about your business. Statistically, businesses that verify their information with Google My Business are two times more likely to be considered reputable. Besides, it is always a good idea to have control over vital information like your working hours, website and street address.


The name of this tool really speaks for itself. Its sole purpose is to help you generate a short URL to share with your customers and grow your Google reviews. All you have to do is type in your business name, city, and postal code, and the tool will generate a link you can use to ask customers to leave reviews via email, messages, or even on printouts if you’re feeling old-fashioned.


The Mobile-First Index Checker is a neat little tool that helps you make sure the mobile version of your site is exactly the same as your desktop version. It keeps track of all the links and checks if your pages have exactly the same Breadcrumb structure, has the same user content, the same meta tags, rel tags, structured data snippets, and even checks the mobile page speed.


Both the desktop and mobile versions of your site need to have the same structure. The Mobile-First Index Tool by Merkle compares the two versions of your site and looks for discrepancies between SEO signals (canonical, meta robots, hreflang tags, content, structured data markups etc.). Additionally, it uses Google’s API to check if your page is optimized for mobile.


As the name suggests, Chrome DevTools is a set of developer tools built directly into Google Chrome. With it, you can quickly diagnose problems and edit pages on-the-fly to fix them quickly and effectively. Its UI can be a little overwhelming at first, but once you get to know it you will discover that Chrome DevTools can boost your productivity quite considerably.


SEO Minion is a neat all-in-one SEO tool that is great for performing all of your daily SEO tasks. That includes analyzing your on-page SEO, checking redirects, broken links, and Hreflang tags. It also features a SERP preview tool that allows you to improve your CTR by previewing your site on top of Google search results pages and check your rankings across multiple locations without personalization.


Sheets For Marketers is an awesome collection of online resources gathered to help marketers learn how to use Google Sheets. Here, you will find, hundreds of tutorials along with all of the Google Sheets templates out there, and even a list of marketing APIs for automating SEO work.


Small SEO Tools is a website with a huge collection of various SEO tools to help you speed up your work. Those include tools for text content, image editing e.g. background removal, keywords, backlinks, website management, website tracking, proxy, domains, meta tags, password management, online .PDF, development, as well as unit & binary converter tools.


The SEO Web Page Analyzer is a web-based tool that tests your site for search engine optimization. It gives your site a score on a scale from 1 to 100 and takes note of things such as page weight, meta descriptions & title tags, the heading structure, content, keywords, link structure, image optimization, and even social interactions.


Google Cloud Natural Language uses machine learning to analyze the structure, meaning, and feelings expressed by text. It is also able to extract information about people, places, events, and help you better understand social media sentiment and customer conversations.


Rich results are experiences on Google Surfaces like carousels, images, and other non-textual elements generated by the structured data on your page. The Rich Results Test allows you to check what kind of rich results will be generated for your publicly accessible page.


The Structured Data Testing Tool is meant for, well, testing your structured data. You can paste your code snippet that you wish to check for errors and instantly find out whether you’ve implemented it correctly. The tool can be used to validate JSON-LD, RDF-a, and Microdata formats.


With Google Tag Manager, you can quickly and easily update measurement codes and related code fragments (tags) on your website. Its web-based interface is pretty easy to use and allows you to set up tags, triggers that cause your tags to fire, or variables for simplifying and automating your tag configurations.


View Rendered Source is a tiny Chrome extension that allows you to view how a browser renders a page and constructs the original HTML into a working DOM. This enables you to see how search engines view your pages and spot the differences between raw and rendered versions, which are highlighted line-by-line.


SERPSim is the most accurate SERP snippet generator and SERP simulator on the Internet. If you’re worried your title and meta description might not fit within Google’s pixel limit, you can easily test it within SERPsim. You can import your existing meta data or paste in dummy text to see how it will look in Google, and the tool will always keep you within the current pixel limit and even alert you of any important issues.


Merkle’s Schema Markup Generator is a structured data generator that helps create JSON-LD markups, including all of the required item properties and more. Just pick the markup type you wish to create, paste in your page’s names and URLs and the tool will do all the hard work for you.


The Google SERP Preview Tool is great for helping you optimize your title tags and meta descriptions for length. Paste in your URL, page title, and description, look at the preview window and see if your data is within Google’s limits. You can also see exactly how many characters and even pixels your text takes up.


Google Lighthouse is a great, automated tool that measures the quality and performance of web pages. It runs your website through a series of audits to determine its speed, accessibility, and search engine optimization. Aimed to help web developers, it is also able to test progressive web applications to test them for compliance with established standards and best practices.


The Domain Authority Checker by ClickMinded allows you to bulk check the Domain and Page Authority of up to 50 URLs at a time. This will come in handy for competitor research and checking how your own website fares up against your competition.


Looking for available or expired domains? The Bulk Domain Availability Checker by NameBright will help you do just that. The best thing about it is that you can paste in up to five thousand .com/.net/.org/.cc/.tv domains into it simultaneously.


Short on content ideas? FaqFox is a lesser-known tool that can scrape up tons of content ideas from questions that people have asked about your topic. Paste in your keyword, and select from pre-made site categories or add in your own URLs to see people’s questions that you can answer in your own content.


Google rolls out hundreds of algorithm updates every year, and keeping track of them all by yourself is practically impossible. Luckily for you, the Website Penalty Indicator does exactly that. To run a penalty test, al you need to do is paste in your domain’s URL, choose your database, enter a captcha, and the tool will do all the work for you.


The Structured Data Markup Helper is Google’s own tool designed to help you implement structured data on your website. Adding structured data to your resource is extremely important since it helps search engines know exactly what’s on your site to give search users relevant results.


Creating and properly formatting an .XML sitemap is a huge hassle. But with you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Just paste your URL into the tool, and it will scan through all of your pages for you. Once it’s done, you can preview your sitemap, download it, and upload it to the root folder of your website and add it to the Google Search Console.


“Looking for an easy way of creating a schema markup? The easiest way of doing it is to use JSON-LD, and the schema generator by Hall Analysis does exactly that. Just choose the type of markup you wish to create, and follow the instructions on the page to quickly generate a JSON-LD markup without hassle.


If you’re worried you didn’t implement your hreflang tags correctly or just want to run a check for good measure, you can use the Hreflang Tags Testing Tool by Merkle to quickly check if the hreflang tags for a page (HTML and HTTP headers), or in XML sitemaps are correct. Just paste in your URL, choose a user agent, and run the test.