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Best SEO tools
The Complete List
2018 Update

This SEO tools guide has EVERYTHING you need to pick the perfect SEO software.

We personally reviewed 173 free and paid tools.

So read the summaries, check out screenshots, watch videos, upvote your favorites, filter by categories and check out the user reviews.

Finding your perfect search engine optimization tool is just a click away!


Rank Tracking

SERanking is cloud-based SEO software.

It is proclaimed to be all-inclusive service, some of which are:

- Checking keyword rank traffic
- Website audit
- On-site SEO audit
- Backlinks checking and monitoring
- Doing competitors’ research
- Improving and providing B2B features
- Providing social media management tools.

It has a free trial, after which you have to purchase one of the plans.

SERanking images

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SERanking videos


Link Building, Technical SEO, Rank Tracking, Content Optimization, Keyword Research, Backlink Analysis

Ahrefs is a big data search marketing tool and world's biggest third party database of search queries:

- 6.1 billion keywords for 200+ countries (2.3 billion for the US alone);
- crawling speed of 4.1 million pages per minute and 15-minute backlink index updates (the - only tool on the market that finds links in JS code besides HTML);
- context index discovering 1.8 million new topics a day.

Launched as a backlink checker, it has evolved into a multipurpose suite with tools for any SEO task.

1. Keywords Explorer has a bunch of metrics exclusive to Ahrefs only - Clicks and Clicks Per Search.

Their main value is in the opportunity to assess your chances of driving traffic.

Thanks to clickstream data processing, the numbers you get are quite accurate.

As Keyword Difficulty is calculated based on the major ranking factor of today - backlinks, this is also an accurate metric to rely on.

2. Site Explorer gives insights into any website’s backlink profile, organic traffic, and PPC campaigns, which makes it perfect for competitor research.

You can track new, broken, and lost backlinks within a necessary timeframe, analyze their anchors, filter them by the language, type (.edu / .gov, dofollow / nofollow, etc), and platform (blog, comment system, ecommerce, etc), etc.

The tool also reveals what content performs best regarding traffic, social shares, and backlinks, etc.

Not only can you check organic keywords for your site, but also compare them with competitors’ keywords to figure out for which they get traffic, while you don’t.

3. Rank Tracker can keep you up on your website’s progress in organic search - the position it holds for a given keyword, whether it’s going up or down, how much traffic it generates, and whether it ranks for any of Google’s SERP features.

You can analyze this data for different devices and locations, compare your results with competitors, and monitor them right from your inbox.

4. Content Explorer is like a standalone search engine that you can use to explore trending content by social shares, backlinks, or traffic.

With lots of filters and advanced searches, you can get easy content opportunities in front of you with a few clicks only. Just set a high traffic amount and a low number of backlinks, that’s all.

Another use case of the tool is a search for backlink opportunities. While exploring content with your business mentions or of any relevant topic, you can highlight domains with no backlinks to yours.

5. SEO Audit can help monitor your site for 110+ SEO issues to make sure it’s Google-friendly.

They include internal and external pages, performance, HTML and social tags, images, content quality, localization, incoming and outgoing links, and much more.

Not only does Ahrefs give a detailed explanation of each issue, but also gives clues about how to fix it.

The interface is equipped with colorful graphs, making it easy to track how your website’s SEO health changes with each audit.

Ahrefs videos


Link Building, Backlink Analysis

When added to your link building workflow, Linkio makes anchor text planning a competitive advantage instead of a chore.

Use it to analyze your backlinks, analyze competitor backlinks, calculate ideal anchor text percentages for any industry, and get suggestions on what's missing from your backlink profile.

Linkio is best for SEOs and marketers who prefer to make data-driven decisions and are process oriented.

With this tool, link building teams can easily work together and save on a ton of setup time.

The true power of Linkio lies within its well thought out automation process.

Within just a few seconds, you can accomplish the following automatically:

1. Import all of your backlinks and check to see if they are live and indexed
2. Have the anchor text categorized and your ratios calculated
3. Check what the ideal percentages are for your industry
4. Get a list of anchor text needed to rank higher in search

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Linkio videos


Technical SEO, Keyword Research

SEMrush is a very powerful tool for all digital marketing and SEO professionals.

Among many things Sem Rush can be used for keyword research.

It shows organic and paid traffic stats of any domain and in almost all countries of the world.

All the results you get from SEMrush are transparent.

You can use this tool's features free of charge but only in limited times of search.

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SEMrush videos

Google Search Console

Technical SEO, Keyword Research

Google Search Console (formally known as Webmaster Tools) is a great resource for any site owner.

It is designed to inform webmasters about how Google bot is interacting with their website.

This free tool gives detailed information on broken links, popular keywords and on how often Google is stopping by.

16 months of click and impression data is available for the sites you get verified.

This is Google’s way of giving site owners the information that they need to be successful.

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Google Search Console videos