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“I need a better process for planning anchor text”

Seasoned SEOs know how critical it is to make the right anchor text decisions.

Linkio makes these decisions easy by automating all of the analysis including:

  • Backlink import
  • Anchor text classification
  • Index status checking, backlink crawling
  • Anchor text percentages checking
  • Anchor text recommendations

“I know anchor text percentages matter, but it’s hard keeping track”

We keep your percentages updated in real time by checking for new and lost links and automatically categorizing new anchors.

So when it’s time to build your next link, there won’t be any guesswork involved.

“A tool should give me what anchor text to build next”

Linkio suggests the next set of anchors to build by looking for gaps in your existing percentages.

For setting the target percentages, you can use Linkio’s defaults, copy a competitor’s percentages or create your own – it’s 100% adjustable!

“A tool should automatically pull backlink data from  Ahrefs”

Linkio not only imports links daily from your Ahrefs account, but it also makes sure those links are live and indexed in Google.

What People are Saying

“A tool should automatically filter out links that don’t matter”

Backlinks can be nofollow, not indexed, deleted, duplicates or disavowed. Google has advanced algorithms for all this, yet it’s impossible for SEOs to get that same granularity – until now.

Linkio validates all your backlink data to only count the links that should.

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Linkio is a totally unique and fresh approach to planning out your link building campaigns.

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