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“I need a better process for planning anchor text…”

Anchor text planning is vital..but time consuming, right?

So we made it automatic!

  • Automated-backlink import
  • Automated-anchor text classification
  • Automated-index status checking, backlink crawling
  • Automated-anchor text percentages checking
  • Automated-anchor text recommendations

“I know anchor text percentages matter, but it’s hard keeping track…”

  • We monitoring your percentages in real-time
  • We auto-update your anchor text road map based on new/lost links

So when you need to build the next anchor, there’s no guess work.

“A tool should give me what anchor text to build next…”

Simply set your anchor text percentage targets and Linkio fills in the gaps for you.

“A tool should automatically pull backlink data from  Ahrefs…”

You can pair your Ahrefs account to Linkio with a single click. Then…

  • We automatically import new links daily
  • We automatically check if they’re live and indexed
  • We periodically recheck the links

What People are Saying

“A tool should automatically filter out links that don’t matter…”

Nofollow? Not indexed? Deleted? Duplicate? Disavowed?

It’s hard enough getting accurate data and even harder to gain insights.

We show you what matters, why and what to do next.

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