Resource Page Link Building

By Ajay Paghdal

Resource page link building is one of the most popular link building strategies out there. It is also one of the easiest link building strategies to carry out. It doesn’t involve any tricks and for some prospects, you won’t even need to perform outreach, since they have a page submission form built right into their website.

This article is all about resource page link building, its ins, and outs, some useful tips, and even a step-by-step guide for running a resource page link building campaign of your own.

But before we can really dig into it, we need to answer a simple question.


Resource Centers and Types of Resource Pages

Generally speaking, there are three types of resource pages. Some would argue that there are only two, and they wouldn’t be wrong either. Let me explain.

“Normal” resource pages are websites that collect and link to external pages on niche-specific topics. Some resource pages focus only on one niche, while others cover a much wider array of topics. is a good example of a “traditional resource page.

 “Mini” resource pages can be blog posts or other pages that don’t necessarily qualify as a full-on resource page and have a smaller external resource section instead. 

For example, this blog post by TroyPoint about The 25 Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites in October 2020 qualifies perfectly as a mini resource page. 

And while this type of resource pages has a “mini” in its name, you should never underestimate the value of a link from one, especially if it’s on a larger blog or news portal.

And finally, we have resource centers. That name isn’t mentioned very often, and those sites are few and far between. These are just resource pages that list other resource pages.


There are two ways of submitting your site to a resource page. I already mentioned that some resource pages will have a built-in form that you can use to submit your site quickly and painlessly.

But a lot of resource pages won’t have that form. What do you do in that case? You guessed it, with outreach. You should check your prospects’ sites for their preferred method of communication, but most of the time it will be a separate email address dedicated to submissions.

Sometimes, though, a prospect will list their social media profile or even phone number as a contact point for submissions. In those cases, you should reach them through there. Don’t just go for the generic pretty much every site has in its footer as there is a good chance your message will just get lost

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Tips for a More Successful Campaign

The conversion rate for this link building strategy should be pretty high by default since resource pages are literally made for you to submit your site to. Still, there are a few things that you can do to achieve even better results, faster.

  • Make sure you’re reaching out to the person actually responsible for receiving submissions. I’ve talked about avoiding the generic commonly found in the site’s footer, and it’s true that sometimes you can ask for the right person to contact, but in reality, it will be much quicker if the first person you reached was the right one.
  • If your prospect has information about their preferred contact method, use it. 
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to sites that are not necessarily centered around collecting resources. Blogs with external resource sections are also a great source of powerful links.
  • Make sure you filter out low-quality resources to avoid links that can actually harm your SEO.
  • Run a backlink check of your prospect’s site and take note of any broken links they might have. Before submitting your own one, point those out to the owner. This will help instantly boost your relationship with the prospect, show your genuine interest, and provide even more value to your prospect.

Helpful Tools to Speed up Your Campaign

Besides our own tool for filtering prospects, there is quite a lot of software that can help you in your link building endeavors. 

Ahrefs is one of the best all-in-one SEO solutions for checking your prospects’ backlink profiles along with important SEO metrics.

I mentioned it before, but is awesome for finding anyone’s email address. Just paste in your prospect’s domain name, and it will do its magic to find all addresses, related to it.

NinjaOutreach has an awesome tool for automating your outreach campaign, organizing it, tracking each conversation, and even sending automatic follow-ups. Using good old Gmail can be a mess, and emails often get buried underneath hundreds of other messages.


Resource page link building is relatively easy to perform, has a high conversion rate, and only requires a solid piece of niche-related content from you.

For many SEOs, it has become the go-to link building strategy. Make sure you filter out your prospect list well, and you will see success with it as well! 

But you have to remember that a healthy backlink profile consists of lots of different link types, and you should use this tactic in combination with other ones.