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Technology is a field that is constantly changing and evolving, with new innovations and advancements emerging all the time. With so many websites dedicated to technology news, reviews, and information, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 websites in technology that you should be following. These sites are the best of the best and cover everything from the latest gadgets to cutting-edge research.

These 10 websites represent the cream of the crop when it comes to technology news and information. They offer in-depth analysis, expert opinions, and breaking news on the latest tech trends. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a business owner, or just someone who wants to stay informed, these sites are essential reading.

Top 10 Best Technology Blogs

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  • In addition to our top 10 websites, we’ve also compiled a list of sites that are in the running for our technology website award. These sites have been chosen for their outstanding content, design, and user experience. While they may not have made it onto our top 10 list, they are still worthy of recognition and praise.

    Full List of the Best Technology Blogs

    ValueCoders is a reputable software development company known for delivering high-quality IT solutions. With a skilled team and a client-centric approach, they offer custom software development, mobile app development, and more, ensuring clients' business success through technology.

    YouTeam is the new, smarter way to contract engineers. Instead of contracting talent from a single outsourcing agency, they provide technology leaders with a single point of access to over five hundred of them, representing a talent pool of over 50,000 engineers across thirty-five countries.

    Yesware is a sales productivity platform that helps businesses streamline their sales processes. It offers features such as email tracking, templates, and analytics to help sales teams work more efficiently. Yesware integrates with popular CRM systems like Salesforce to provide a seamless experience for users.

    CronJ is a reputable technology blog providing valuable insights into web and mobile app development services. Their platform covers a diverse array of topics, including the latest trends in web and mobile app development, software engineering, UI/UX design, and more. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, aspiring developer, or industry professional, CronJ offers a wealth of knowledge to keep you informed and inspired in the dynamic world of technology.

    The website belongs to Agicent Technologies, a software development company that specializes in mobile app development. The company offers services such as app design, development, testing, and maintenance. The website provides information about the company’s services, portfolio, and contact details. is the world’s leading distributor of SSL/TLS certificates and a provider of cybersecurity products and services. Their offerings include a wide variety of website security tools and digital certificates from industry-leading brands at competitive pricing. The website’s blog, Hashed Out, is one of the industry’s go-to resources for cybersecurity information and news.

    SelfCAD is a web-based 3D modeling software that allows users to create and customize 3D designs. It offers a user-friendly interface and a variety of tools for designing, sculpting, and printing 3D models. SelfCAD also provides tutorials and resources to help users improve their skills and create high-quality designs

    The website AIVAnet is a technology news and reviews site that covers a wide range of topics including smartphones, laptops, gaming, and more. It provides in-depth analysis and expert opinions on the latest tech trends and products. The site also offers helpful guides and tutorials for users looking to improve their tech skills.

    Botsify is a chatbot creation platform that allows businesses to create and deploy chatbots without any coding knowledge. The platform offers a drag-and-drop interface, pre-built templates, and integrations with popular messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger and Slack. Botsify also provides analytics and reporting tools to help businesses track the performance of their chatbots.

    Chatwoot is a customer support platform that helps businesses manage their conversations with customers across various channels. It offers features such as chatbots, canned responses, and team collaboration tools to streamline customer support operations. Chatwoot is open-source and can be self-hosted or used as a cloud-based service.

    The website Exposework offers a platform for writers to publish their articles and gain exposure. It covers a wide range of topics including technology, business, health, and entertainment. The website also provides opportunities for guest posting and advertising.

    FileInvite is a cloud-based platform that automates the process of collecting and managing documents from clients. It allows businesses to create custom templates, send invitations to clients, and receive documents securely. The platform integrates with popular cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

    Futuramo is a project management tool that helps teams collaborate and manage their tasks efficiently. It offers a range of features such as task tracking, time tracking, and team communication. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and customizable to fit the needs of different teams and projects.

    The website is a technology-focused platform that provides reviews, news, and updates on the latest gadgets and electronics. It covers a wide range of products, including smartphones, laptops, smart home devices, and gaming consoles. The website aims to help consumers make informed decisions when purchasing new technology products.

    The website Green Living Guy is a resource for individuals looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle. It provides information on eco-friendly products, renewable energy, and green living tips. The site also features interviews with experts in the field and news on the latest developments in sustainability.

    Try Reason is a platform that offers online courses in coding and web development. The courses are designed to be accessible to beginners and cover a range of topics, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React. The platform also offers a community forum where students can connect with each other and receive support from instructors.

    The website Tech Media Guide provides news and information about technology, gadgets, and digital marketing. It covers a wide range of topics including social media, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and e-commerce. The website aims to keep readers informed about the latest trends and developments in the tech industry.

    The website is called “The Technology Base” and it covers a wide range of topics related to technology. It includes articles on gadgets, software, gaming, and more. The site aims to provide readers with informative and engaging content about the latest trends and developments in the tech industry.

    Thundra is a cloud-native security and observability platform for serverless, container, and VM workloads. It provides end-to-end visibility into the entire application environment, including distributed tracing, logging, and metrics. Thundra’s platform is designed to help developers and DevOps teams troubleshoot and optimize their applications in real-time.

    Tribulant Software is a company that provides premium WordPress plugins and themes. Their products are designed to help businesses and individuals create and manage their websites more efficiently. They offer a range of solutions, including e-commerce, email marketing, and social media integration.

    The website is a resource for WordPress users, providing tutorials, tips, and reviews of WordPress themes and plugins. The site offers a variety of content, including articles on website design, SEO, and e-commerce. Users can also find information on hosting, security, and other technical aspects of WordPress.

    Optix is a platform that helps businesses manage their shared spaces and resources. It offers features such as booking and scheduling, visitor management, and billing and invoicing. Optix can be used by coworking spaces, offices, gyms, and other businesses that have shared spaces and resources.

    Mantra Labs is a global technology consulting firm that specializes in digital transformation and innovation. They offer services such as AI and machine learning, cloud computing, and mobile app development. Their clients include Fortune 500 companies and startups across various industries. 

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