Best SEO Analytics Tools

By Ajay Paghdal

Top 6 SEO Analytics Tools


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Best SEO Analytics Tools [Full List]

Track the most important SEO KPIs in one place. Your customized SEO dashboard considerably helps you stay focused on what matters most by displaying essential data at one quick glance.

Designed to speed up the monitoring process, our SEO dashboard is the perfect solution for a quick but still comprehensive overview of the website’s SEO traffic, keyword rankings, backlinks, authority, and other SEO metrics.


ContentKing is an awesesome cloud-based SEO auditing solution that can monitor your web properties 24/7.

Using a wide array of signals ContentKing’s algorithms deliver meaningful insights and tasks.

The tool takes note of all changes on your website and provides automatic alerts when something breaks.


Enhanced Google Analytics Annotations is a little extension for Chrome created to save you time by automatically adding your targeted market’s holidays as well as Google’s algorithm updates as annotations in your Google Analytics. It will also help you better understand how national holidays affect your KPIs and see how both confirmed and unconfirmed algorithm updates impact your traffic.


The SEO Auditor from Zadroweb is a neat web-based SEO audit tool. Run a scan, and the tool will reveal information including your Page and Domain Authority, page speed, your top 10 keywords, metadata, your sitemap, and robot.txt files, the presence of social links , and even more.


Beam Us Up is an awesome free crawler dedicated to finding bugs and errors on your pages. It’s got a very simple but intuitive interface and provides you with a report on all found errors in a separate window. Another neat function of Beam Us Up is the ability to export those reports in Excel so you can easily store and access them later.


Link Redirect Trace is a Chrome extension that allows you to track excessive redirect chains, off-page, and on-page SEO issues, find and fix slow redirects using redirect timings, and see which sites were really visited through short URLs. It will come in handy for spotting weird sites redirecting to you and seeing if they are helping or actually harming your SEO.


The SEO Browser is a basic SEO scanner that reveals information like the response code, load speed, words in page, the number of internal and external links, the heading structure, and a little SERP preview. While it might not be the most useful thing in the world, it’s free to use.


Google Data Studio is Google’s own data visualization tool. It helps turn raw data from Analytics and other sources into easily readable charts, graphs, and tables. Its drag & drop editor is very intuitive to use and there are even countless templates that allow you to plop in your own data and create a full-on report in minutes.


The seoClarity Research Grid allows you to dig into the mobile and desktop SEO performance of any website for absolutely free. You can filter data by rank, rank type, keyword, keyword patterns, URL, search volume, estimated traffic along with other filters, and even uncover the average cost per click of each keyword a website uses.


The Blueprint Training offer a variety of tools, courses, and pieces of training for aspiring SEOs. It includes 26 modules that cover each aspect of search engine optimization. As the team calls it, the package is an “SEO agency in a box”, and if you decide to pay the lifetime access fee, you will gain access to all of the tools forever.


This free SERP checker is awesome for quickly and accurately finding your search engine ranking position. Enter in your domain name along with up to 10 keywords and after the tool is done scanning, you will receive a graph with the performance of your page for each keyword.


The Referral Ghost Spam Removal Tool by Loganix will help you clean up your Google Analytics spam from social buttons, adult sites, and other shady resources. Not only does it block future spam, but also targets recursive spam. Its database is updated on a weekly basis, features manual submissions, and is statistically 97% effective.


Do you need to check how your site appears in SERPs from different locations? With ISearchFrom you can simulate a Google search from any location, language, and even device. It also has additional options like “show only in specified language”, Google domain, personalized search, and more. is a website that tracks the market shares of browsers, social media stats, screen resolution stats, OS market shares, and other kinds of statistics that might come in handy for web developers. You are completely free to save that data to your device in image format, as .csv files or even embed it into your own resource.


Even though it’s called the SERP Snippet Optimizer it doesn’t actually do any optimization. Instead, it simulates a SERP so you can see whether your title and meta description fit in within Google’s limitations, and make relevant adjustments if need be.


tl;dr marketing is a highly curated SEO Newsletter with summaries from the best sources and a link to them, great for saving you time and keeping you up to date.

Every weekday you will get an email with the latest updates covering organic, paid, social and other digital marketing topics that are super important.

No wordy fluff, just the things that truly matter to SEOs.


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