Product Updates and Roadmap

Product Updates and Roadmap

August 5th, 2019 Releases

Backlink Data Integrations

If you don’t have an Ahrefs API, you can use our new Moz integration to get link data.


What I’ve seen from the data so far is that Moz’s API is surprisingly big, but a lot of the links they provide in their API end up being dead.

Luckily, our crawlers validate all that data for you. Try it out.

Anchor Text Planner Improvements

You can now filter your backlinks by one per domain.

I like choosing the 1 per domain view + Live Referring Domains filter so I see all the live links in order of acquisition.

Bulk Anchor Text Planner Setup Improvements

When you add pages to the bulk setup table, we pull Referring Domain data, so you know which pages are worth analyzing the backlinks for.

What’s Coming Up

Our new backlink profile and rank tracker module are coming along fast. Stay tuned.

August 1st, 2019 Releases


Backlink Data Integrations

We’ve officially paired our anchor text planner with the Moz API, so even if you don’t have a paid Ahrefs account, you’ll be able to get backlink data.

Moz’s API has improved significantly from yesteryear and their index now is pretty sizeable.

This feature is a V1 feature so look for improves in the near term.


Now you’ll receive email notifications when major crawls are complete. For example, if you’re having Linkio crawl through a list of competitors to get their anchor text percentage data, once it’s done, you’ll get an email.

June 26th, 2019 Releases

Anchor Text Planner Updates

Feature 1: Added Show/Hide 5 Suggestions Toggle


After all, sometimes you want the suggestions, and sometimes you don’t.

Bulk Page Setup UI Improvements

We added a spinner to show when Linkio is crawling your sitemap for pages.

May 30th, 2019 Releases

Anchor Text Planner Updates

Feature 1: Bulk page setup launched
Linkio auto-discovers pages via your sitemap so you can quickly setup the pages you want anchor text plans for

Feature 2: Import backlinks from Google Search Console (via CSV file): Try it out here.

Notification Center Updates

You’ll now receive a notification when Linkio finishes analyzing your competitors’ anchor text percentages

April 18, 2019 Releases

Anchor Text Planner Updates

  1. We’ve launched Notifications Center. You’ll get notified in the app when:
  2. The Linkio backlink crawler finishes crawling a brand
  3. When links are found and Linkio updates your anchor text suggestions as a result

  • Added a tool tip video that explains how to get the most accurate anchor text suggestions