Help your outreach team help you

3× response rates for your outreach by getting the contact emails right with ease.
Linkio’s prospect tool is built to feed your outreach team with prospects’ right contact emails. All you need to get started is your list of prospects’ websites.

1 step

Import CSV
domain list)

Linkio filters out bad URLs

2 step

Find Emails
Via author name
Via Hunter’s Database
Via Website scraper

Linkio checks emails deliverability

3 step

Validate Emails

Picks the best email from multiple options

4 step

Best Email

Don’t take our word it

[company name] lists built using this prospector have garnered 15% response rates and < 3% bounces.

Save time with bulk
import and URLs filter

Most tools expect you to import perfect prospects lists. But Linkio’s Prospect bulk import modules lets you first filter out bad websites right inside the app.

Prospect Step-up feature

Scrape hard-to-find emails for FREE
If Hunter doesn’t have the emails in their database, you need to find it on your own. Instead, you can use our website scraper to collect the email for sites Hunter doesn’t have.

Use Linkio’s extra
deliverability checks
and avoid ESPs blacklist

Other email finding tools provide you emails but don’t verify the emails by default. It either guesses the emails or relies on patterns leading to potential invalid emails. Linkio’s Prospect tool has extra deliverability checks at each step to solve this.

Prospect Step-up feature

Automatically Pick the Best Email
Hunter provides you multiple emails for each website you do a bulk search for. This leaves you to spend hours figuring out which email is the best to contact. Linkio solves this with its custom decision engine that chooses the best email depending on your campaign needs.

Content marketing on steroids with bulk author scraper

Linkio’s Prospect tool makes backlinks outreach stress-free. With your list of blog posts, our bulk author scraper finds the names, checks the Hunter database for the contact emails of the authors and verifies the emails.

Prospect Step-up feature

Additional control and deliverability checks
Hunter recently launched this too, but our Linkio allows more control over what type of emails to be scrapped and adds deliverability checks.

Stay organised with
our bulk data friendly

Export and enrich your existing CSV with emails. Most email tools like Hunter make it impossible to work in your existing spreadsheet because they export bulk data that doesn’t fit your original data.

Prospect Step-up feature

Auto-populate your CSV
Linkio exports the exact CSV you upload with neatly with enriched fileds

Linkio's Prospect does
it differently and better

Built to turn a list of websites into prospects’ email list that guarantees a successful outreach.

Built with your team in mind

Sales Teams

Lists built using this prospector have garnered 15% response rates and < 3% bounces.

Marketing Teams

Makes it super easy to contact websites in your niche, starting with the person in charge of marketing down to the most general inbox.


Network on steroids. Easily find websites and experts to contribute to your blog.

Flexible pricing.
No monthly fees

Prospect has no monthly fees. Spend credits to perform various bulk actions.
Bonus: buying credits unlocks free use of Linkio Outreach.