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Linkio is an off-page SEO tool that helps you build more white hat links at scale.

Linkio offers four plans that grow as you grow.

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Why Linkio?

We believe in

  • Productivity > Hours
  • Longevity > Hacks
  • Progress > Perfection

We love small business. Lean teams, tight budgets, big goals. We believe you can get real SEO results in less time using Linkio. Don’t believe it?

Learn how our Founder grew and exited a 7 figure link building agency using the same strategies you’re about to.

Why Linkio?

We believe in

  • Productivity 
  • Longevity
  • Progress

You’ll get more links and rankings in less time. 

Learn how our Founder, who grew and exited a 7 figure link building agency, is now dedicated 100% to your success.

So what brings you here?

I want to rank #1 in Google!

Let’s see where you currently rank.

Oh, position 40. OK.

Next, let’s assess your backlink history.

Okay, what do you need to know?

I’m already checking your backlinks.

Is there anything you need to come clean about regarding them?

Wellll. I might have done some PBNs in the past and I think this June algo update hit my site.

No worries, I’m is crawling all your links, checking their Google index status and if you have a disavow file, upload it.

Sweet. Here you go.

I’m done. I’ll keep an eye on these backlinks daily but you’re not here for just backlink monitoring right? You want get to page 1 for some keywords, yes?


And you’ll be doing some link building?

I will, but I’m not sure about the strategy. Like how many links I should build or what anchor texts to use. Or if I should even bother with this keyword at all?

You’re asking the right questions. =) Let me start with checking the top 10 results of your keyword. I’ll check out everything about them – their DA, PA, DR, UR, and referring domains.

I can already do that with Moz or Ahrefs though.

Yes, you’re right. What I’ll do is take it one step further. Did you know some of those links aren’t indexed by Google or currently live?

Wahh? I didn’t know that!


That’s why I’ll sift through all their data to come up with a real represention of how your competitors stack up.

Ok great – how does that help me?

Take for example the keyword you want. The top 10 results in Google have 20 links with 15% keyword anchors. You have 10 links with 100% keyword anchors. Even if you build 10 more referring domains, you probably won’t rank because you went too aggressive.


Not to worry. Linkio will take this data and give you 10 anchor text suggestions for normalizing your percentages.

Oh sweet! But what if my competitors are ranking with no links to the page. What should I do then?

If most competitors don’t have any links going to their ranking page, they’re probably ranking because of their DA and relevance.

Hmm what, that sounds like a lot of SEO-nerdy talk to me.

We’ll keep it simple. With Linkio, all you need to do is compare the homepages of your top competitors and yourself in the same way I described above.

Ooooh. Got you. So you’ll track my rankings. Check all my backlinks. And when I try to go after a keyword, you’ll check all my competitors and help me come up with the best plan to take them down.

Bingo. Link building therapy! I cut through all the noise, get to the things that matter and coach you along the way to success.

Sweet – I’m ready to get started!

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