Shopping Directory Submission Sites List and How to Find More

By Ajay Paghdal

Getting your website listed on shopping directories is a great way to gain exposure and improve your SEO.

You can start making directory submissions right away with our list of the top shopping directories below. Filter by DA, DR, and traffic stats and go directly to the sign-up page in one click..

Also, feel free to download to csv below and if you’re looking for a different industry category, consult the full list of categories here.

Shopping Directory Submission Sites

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How to Find Shopping Directories

Using advanced search operators and Google, it’s easy to find more shopping directory opportunities to submit your website to.

Here are some shopping and ecommerce directory search operators to get you started:


This allows you to cut through the fluff and find only the most relevant shopping directories to list your business.

Vetting these directories and determining whether or not they can provide any value to your website is something you can learn more about from our directory link building guide.

You’ll likely need to play around with these search parameters a little bit so that you can optimize your searches and find the most relevant directories, but the above search strings should be more than enough to get you 100+ opportunities.