A Bulk
Google Index Checker

Linkio automatically checks the index status of every backlink you import into the system. for new links, it checks the indexed status weekly up to 4 times.

Crawl the link and check if it's indexed in Google

Newly added links get checked 4 times over a month

Recheck the index status of a link anytime

With Linkio’s Google
index checker you can...

Enjoy up to the minute data on your links

Have automated index rechecking

Find which links to disavow to get indexed

Integrate Ahrefs & Moz to import links

Keep all of your backlink data in one place

Is it easy to

Definitely. Automatically import the
URLs and Linkio does the rest.

Is it relatively inexpensive?

Absolutely – prices as low as

Ready to index check with confidence?

Our sophisticated index checker looks for multiple variations of the link because link data can be messy and you need an index checker that is as flexible as Google.