Best IT Recruiting Agency Blogs


As technologies evolve and industry needs shift, so does the landscape of IT recruitment. IT recruitment is an ever-dynamic field, and keeping pace with the latest trends and methodologies is all-important for success. IT recruiting agency blogs play a significant role for IT recruiters and firms in propelling success by providing relevant insights, and strategic guidance. They offer everything from job postings and hiring advice to IT industry news and remote work practices. 


Many IT blogs are already available online, so picking out the most reliable ones can take time. That’s why we have carefully compiled a list of the top 10 IT recruiting agency blogs that are a must-read. 


These 10 IT recruiting blogs represent the finest regarding IT recruiting news, resources, and practices. They cover many topics, from remote recruitment and developer retention to distributed team management and benefits. Whether you’re an IT recruitment specialist or simply aiming to amplify your remote hiring success, these blogs offer expert advice and resources to help you fulfill your objectives.

Top 10 Best IT Recruiting Agency Blogs


In addition to our top 10 IT recruitment agency blogs, we have curated a list of blogs running for the award. These blogs have been chosen for their unique content, design, and user experience. Although they may not have made it onto our top 10 list, they are still worthy of recognition and praise for their meaningful contributions to the IT recruitment field.

Full List of the IT Recruiting Agency Blogs

Distant Job stands out in hunting for global remote developers that fit your company's culture and ethos. Their blog provides insightful tips on remote recruitment and managing remote teams, making it ideal for IT companies navigating the remote work trend. From exploring the benefits of diverse remote teams to strategies for effective communication in remote settings, their posts are rich with actionable takeaways.


Social Talent provides in-depth analyses of various aspects of talent acquisition, including candidate sourcing, employer branding, and talent analytics. Their blog often explores topics such as AI in recruitment, diversity in tech companies, and effective sourcing of IT talent, making it a treasure trove of knowledge for tech recruiters.


Glassdoor blog provides a unique perspective into company culture, benefits, and employee satisfaction. It's an excellent resource for IT recruiters aiming to understand what potential candidates look for in tech companies. The blog also offers insights on employer branding and enhancing the tech company's image to attract top-tier talent.


Harverblog is an invaluable resource for IT recruiters, offering a wealth of innovative HR and recruitment strategies tailored to the tech industry. Whether you seek data-driven insights on improving your tech talent pipeline, exploring the role of AI in tech recruitment, or understanding best practices for remote IT hiring, Harver's blog is a one-stop shop. The content empowers IT recruiters and HR professionals with cutting-edge knowledge and tools to stay ahead in today's fast-paced tech talent market.


Recruitee's blog helps IT companies optimize their recruitment strategies. Their content covers tech recruitment marketing, utilizing data analytics in IT talent acquisition, and ways to enhance the candidate experience for tech professionals.

Undercover Recruiter offers a balanced perspective on the recruiting process, with a strong emphasis on technology recruitment. It provides tech recruiters with an understanding of the modern candidate’s mindset, strategies for employer branding in tech, and the latest recruitment technologies to optimize hiring processes.


Greenhouse's blog, backed by its popular Applicant Tracking System, offers valuable tips on recruiting, talent acquisition, and best practices in IT hiring. Their content often deepens into data-driven recruitment, diversity in tech hiring, and improving candidate experience in the tech industry.


ERE is a must-follow for IT corporate recruiters who want to stay updated on industry trends and share insights. It features comprehensive articles and webinars on tech recruiting, the role of AI and automation in talent acquisition, and innovative strategies to attract IT talent.


Workable blog brings advice and insights into technology's role in modern recruitment. It highlights topics like the use of AI in recruitment, the impact of remote work on IT hiring, and strategies for effective talent sourcing in the tech industry.


Recruit CRM's blog shares valuable insights on how Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools can be utilized in IT talent acquisition. With posts on topics such as streamlining IT recruitment workflows, maximizing candidate engagement, and the role of CRM in managing IT talent pipelines, it’s an excellent resource for tech recruiters.

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