The Definitive Guide To Growing Your Blog’s Audience in 2023

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Whether a content writing pro or a beginner, you can learn informative points from our article to grow your blog in 2023. This article shares the key elements for developing your blog in 2023 and how you can become a better content creator.

Strive For Better Visibility in 2023

You need to develop your outreach and visibility if you want a bigger audience. And the answer is search engine optimization, especially link-building. Many bloggers ignore the importance of SEO and only focus on the quality of their content. Yes, developing better content is an excellent strategy, but if you want a bigger audience, you should implement SEO strategies. 

To grow your blog, you must follow developed SEO strategies and strive for integrity. However, before thinking about how to grow your blog’s audience, you need to build a sales plan to guide you in developing a content strategy.

Nowadays, people want to be informed. They no longer want you to sell them something. To make informed decisions, you can first come up with a sales playbook – what is a sales playbook? It is a comprehensive guide to streamline communication pipelines, reduce errors, and equip each salesperson on your team with the knowledge they need.

Why is SEO Crucial?

To evaluate your content, Google has search engines that can prioritize your content or the opposite. In other words, your blog should also be interesting for search engines. Let’s dive deep into some critical points to grow your blog audience in 2023. 

Many SEO specialists suggest developing the website’s blog section for better visibility and conducting extensive keyword research to rank on Google. SEO with better time management will help you have better clients; when you get clients, you have better chances to develop your website’s blog.

Keyword Research

You might have heard about keywords but need to pay more attention to the importance of keyword research. You are not alone; many bloggers and website owners need to realize the importance of keyword research and only focus on the research and writing stages of the articles. Keyword research is also essential for link-building, and you can follow simple link-building strategies to grow your blog’s audience. 

We suggest you use Ahrefes and Semrush for SEO keyword research to grow your blog audience; there, you can find keywords that have high volume and will help you to rank on Google. Also, you should pay attention to keyword difficulty and other measures. However, you might need an SEO specialist if you want a more professional approach. To grow your SaaS website blog, you can also find an experienced SaaS marketing agency that can provide you with quality and SEO-friendly content.

If you do not have enough time to organize your keyword research strategies, you can hire a virtual PM to help you manage your work more efficiently, as virtual assistants are great for bloggers and website owners.

Here are some key points on how keyword research will help you to grow your audience.

  1. Better outreach
  2. Higher chances to rank on Google
  3. Quality corporations for link exchanges
  4. Better visibility and reputation
  5. More online presence
  6. Better interaction with the audience

Publish Content Your Audience Wants

So far, we have discussed the importance of SEO, and now we will share how to choose the topics your audience wants to read and grow your blog audience. 

The first strategy is simple, ask your audience. To grow your audience, you should have an online presence and interact with your target audience. Ask your target audience questions, and try to get comments and feedback. And most importantly, work hard on the input to satisfy their needs. You can learn the basics of starting a profitable blog with and produce the best content for your audience. 

You can do surveys and send emails asking them to contribute to the quality of your blog. Not all people will follow the study, but some of them will do. It will give you hints to develop better content and meet their expectations. 

Here are some key takeaways for writing your target audience

  1. Define their needs through a needs assessment.
  2. Follow the trends but modify them for your target audience
  3. Monitor topics to find out the most interesting ones 
  4. Use Ahrefes or Semrush to conduct extensive keyword research for better reach

Tools For Better Management

Several tools and software are highly recommended for better management and time tracking. Thus, using the billing and invoicing software will ease the management and tracking process, and you will have more time to focus on content production. 

As a blog writer or a website owner, you should focus on why time management is essential. Many people speak up about its importance, but all start using new tools to become more productive.

Improve Visual Communication

We have discussed your blog writing skills and SEO, but what about visual communication? Visual communication is vital as it helps to connect with more prominent communities. Not all people like to read, but impressive images can grab their attention and make them part of your community. Moreover, you should use infographics and data visualization to have a better visual representation of your content. 

Start using high-quality images and gifs to grow your blog audience. Creating and publishing your own branded ideas is excellent if you have a graphic designer. However, if you do not have a graphic designer, you can download stock images of excellent quality and use them in your blog posts.  To grow your blog, you should use at least four photos for every 600 words to grab the readers’ attention and decrease the bounce rate. 

Promote your articles on social media with nice visuals. You can find images that will be funny and interesting and share them on your social media platforms. Try to put your company’s logo or your name under the pictures so you can have your branding and reputation. Also, use the company’s logo for all your deliveries; you can use custom corrugated mailer boxes to keep your products safe and tidy. 

Email Subscriptions To Grow Your Blog

Have you ever asked your audience to subscribe to your blog’s newsletter? If you still need to do it, it is the right time to ask them for it. 

If your audience follows your newsletter and new blog posts, there are higher chances that they will be interacted and develop your visibility. However, please only ask them daily to join your blog newsletter, as it might be annoying. 

You can also call them to remind about special offers and notify them about your blog’s functionality and new features, and in this way, you can grow your blog audience. You can use international phone numbers to look like local ones for your audience. If your blog is English, you are interested in having a more global audience than local ones. Therefore you can use international phone numbers to look like a local for them. 

Also, monitor how many emails you send your subscriber. Daily emails are not super practical for blogs, and you can develop 2-3 emails weekly or monthly, depending on your content plan. To grow your blog, you need to use several tools and software for better management; you can choose CRM software to have better work management and well-planned schedules and planning in your workplace. 

Expand Your Networking With Other Bloggers

Networking is essential in blog writing as you can develop your blog with excellent cooperation and partnerships. Stay calm if you still need to start your collaboration. We will share some tips with you to begin networking with other bloggers. To expand your networking and the functionality of your blog, you can add a Blog to a WooCommerce Store; when you add WooCommerce, you have a storefront, but it remains a blog. In this way, you can share valuable information and, at the same time, do your business. You can follow blogger outreach strategies to find other bloggers to be corporate. 

  1. Email Outreach: Find emails of other bloggers or website owners and ask to write guest posts for them where you can put the link to your blog and grow your audience. You can plan to write 2-3 articles for each mouth and have an agreement to link your website. We ensure that you will see the results in a couple of months. You can learn time management strategies for more productive work to become more effective.
  1. Organize Offline Meetings: You can invite the blogger community of your region to offline meetings and discuss your possible collaborations and how you can help each other to grow your blog. This way, you can increase your community and reputation among other bloggers. It will be significant that many bloggers will know you.  
  2. Short Video Format: You love writing and editing, which is excellent, but if you can record short videos with other blog writers and share them on your social media, you can grow your audience. You can use TikTok or Instagram for your quick video content. You can share tips and tricks for writing high-quality content with your audience and invite them to read your articles. If you want better content, you should find an expert business plan consultant who can help you develop your business plan strategy for the upcoming months.

Follow Digital Marketing Trends

Are trends real? Many bloggers must follow directions and how other bloggers create the trends. However, as a content creator, you should learn about new trends and understand which trend is the most beneficial for your business.   

Many companies nowadays buy cryptocurrency online as an investment and share their journey. Sharing the investment journey is a trend, and you think about sharing your journey.

Skills Training and Development

To grow your blog, you must develop your skills and stay current. Several options are available to build your skills; you can take online training on different topics. Also, you can organize communication skills training for your employees, so they can better understand how to grow your blog audience and have a better working experience. In addition to communication skills training, another way to support your employees and grow your blog is by implementing a knowledge base solution to streamline access to information and ensure consistency across your team’s efforts.

It would help if you focused on skills development as, in this way, you can grow your blog audience with better content production. Nowadays, learning something new from the internet is easy, as great social media learning platforms will help you and your team develop your skills.

Motivate Your Team To Grow Your Blog

So far, we have discussed how to grow your blog and discussed the main aspects. You should also motivate your employees and team members to perform better. Many companies dream of having a website as they need to learn how to grow their audience and have better statistics. In this stage, companies may consider measuring employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) to increase employee satisfaction.

Human resources management is a unique skill with a lot to do. And you want to grow your blog audience from the beginning. In that case, you should develop an appreciation and motivation culture in the workplace—experience gift vouchers for your employees to show them your appreciation and raise their motivation and enthusiasm. You will see how to grow your blog when your employees are appreciated and happy.

Final Notes

You are all set up! We hope you have a great source of motivation to grow your blog’s audience. If you follow our tips, you can have a better audience in 2023 who will be engaged and interested in your content.

As a blogger, you should prefer quality over quantity, as the engaged audience will give you more opportunities to earn money and generate leads. Always stay relevant for your target audience, follow their feedback, and use your creativity to produce the best content.

About the author

Anahit Babkenyan is a proficient content writer; she creates SEO-friendly content with scholarly research.  She enjoys traveling, reading books on the trains, and creative writing in her spare time.

The Definitive Guide To Growing Your Blog’s Audience in 2023

Whether a content writing pro or a beginner, you can learn informative points from our article to grow your blog in 2023. This article shares the key elements for developing your blog in 2023 and how you can become a better content creator. Strive For Better Visibility in 2023 You need to develop your outreach … Continue reading “The Definitive Guide To Growing Your Blog’s Audience in 2023″

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How to Create Link Building Outreach Subject Lines That Get Opened

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As a link builder, SEO specialist, or sales rep, email marketing is a pivotal tool in your outreach arsenal. 

But encouraging your audience to open your emails doesn’t always come easy … does it?

With other brands competing for your target customer’s attention, you may be constantly wondering how to position yourself to stand out among the rest. 

And while there’s no “fool-proof” strategy for winning over a crowded inbox, the good news is you can do your best to get your foot in the door quicker.

By taking the time to thoroughly plan your email subject lines, you can stimulate curiosity, demonstrate benefits, and (if all goes well) nudge your recipients toward conversion. 

Ready to learn more about how to create link building outreach subject lines that get opened? 

Let’s begin!

1. Know Your Target Customer

What kinds of brands will you be reaching out to and why? What industry are they in? What’s their company size? How can link building help them reach their brand visibility and authority goals?

In this step, get laser-clear on your target customer.

Then, decide who you’ll be reaching out to, specifically. 

Which brings us to …

2. Create your link building outreach list

Take a look at your Linkedin prospecting list, email list, outreach list, and CRM and decide which brands you’ll be reaching out to. Start by choosing the hottest leads and then the warm ones. Fill out the rest of your list with relevant cold prospects. 

Pro tip: When targeting cold leads, try asking for a small request first. As you build trust, you can start increasing your offer requests little by little.

For instance, if you wanted to offer link building services to a SaaS company, like PetScreening, you might ask if the team can meet with you for a brief 15 minute call before offering your services. 

Or, you could start the trust-building process early by sharing awesome results you helped other SaaS companies in the pet sector get. More on this in a bit.

3. Understand Your Target Customer’s Core Needs (and how you can solve them with link building strategies)

Putting yourself in your target customer’s shoes is essential to understanding what their core needs are and how you can fulfill them with your link building solutions. 

Once you’re clear on how to meet their needs, you can create inspired and personalized subject lines with them in mind.

For instance, if you’d like to reach out to a credit card rewards company, you might discover that the company is struggling to convince high authority websites to feature its links. In this case, you can position yourself as an outreach expert that already has websites ready to feature the company’s links.

Or if you want to reach out to a B2B cyber security brand specializing in advanced features like  DDoS protection, you might discover the brand is having trouble finding guest post writers that are well-versed in cyber security. 

In this case, you can address its pain point head-on by sharing who on your team has ample experience writing guest posts for cybersecurity blogs.

4. Improve Your Email Deliverability Rate

Improve the chances of your email making it to your recipient’s inbox by following these email deliverability rate tips:

  • Stay away from terms that could be flagged as spam (check with your email provider for a full list of spammy words)
  • Use a professional email address that includes your first and last name
  • Don’t send from an email address that has a brand name, symbols, numbers, or inappropriate terms 
  • Add a headshot to your email profile — it’ll pop up next to your email address in the recipients inbox, demonstrating that you’re a real professional 
  • Use an email verification tool to scan and confirm that all of your recipient addresses are correct and active

5. Conduct Research

To see which other subject lines have seen success, carve out time in your schedule to study articles, guides, and marketing books.

You might also consider attending training and seminars or taking a link building outreach course. You may need a SharePoint calendar to schedule these trainings if you’re going to take them as a group.

6. Create your subject lines 

And finally, brainstorm and create your subject lines! When possible, personalize subject lines by addressing recipients by name — or, at the very least, do so when you greet them in the email body. 

When creating your subject lines, keep your target customer, their core needs, and your research top-of-mind.

Here are some subject lines you can refer to for inspiration.

Short and sweet curiosity builders

Grab your audience’s attention with these short and sweet curiosity-building subject lines:

  • Got a sec?
  • Got links?
  • Know HA sites?
  • Re: 
  • (No subject)
  • This is HUGE!
  • Heads up
  • Quick chat?
  • Check-in
  • You’ll never believe…
  • Hi!
  • Hello 
  • Collab opportunity 🙂

Sense of urgency/FOMO subject lines

Create a fear of missing out and a sense of urgency with the following subject lines:

  • Why you can’t afford to ignore link building 
  • Link building webinar replay expires at midnight
  • Today only: Free link building ebook available for download
  • Spots are almost full: Have you booked your backlinks yet?
  • New backlink clients get 20% off today only
  • Last chance! Link building prices go up at midnight!
  • We have a 24 hour sale with your name on it
  • 3-day-only sale: 100 backlinks for the price of 50
  • Why you can’t afford to skip guest posting 
  • Why HA sites matter (and what to do about it)

Pain point solution subject lines

Solve your target customer’s pain points with subject lines like the ones below:

  • Low domain authority score? We can help
  • Boost your audience reach in three simple steps
  • Tired of ill-performing blog posts?
  • Your guest posting expert has arrived
  • Save time on link building campaigns
  • Low monthly readership? Not with this strategy 
  • Need to connect with high-authority sites? We can help
  • Trouble finding quality guest post writers? Not anymore
  • No HA sites ready to link to? We can change that

Discount based subject lines

Who doesn’t love a good discount? Sweeten the pot by offering savings off your link building services with the following subject lines:

  • Buy two months of link building services, get one month free
  • 10 links for the price of three?!
  • DR 75 backlinks for the price of DR 60
  • 50% off on all link building packages
  • Invest in link building, get a free support specialist! 
  • Today only: 20% off all link building products and services 
  • Get a free link building consultation when you sign up for our newsletter
  • Refer a friend and get 30% off any package 
  • BOGO deals on all services! Today only!

Results based subject lines

Use data and stats to show your target customer that your services deliver serious results:

  • Find out how CrossTrain boosted its audience reach by 125%
  • We helped Sour Apple’s blog grow to 300,000+ monthly readers 
  • Birdie Mae success: 10k to 80k organic monthly visitors 
  • Techmall saw improved rankings in just three months
  • From off the map to 500,000 monthly readers
  • 79 links in less than a month?! 
  • How 24Bank went from off the map to 500,000 subscribers
  • 12 companies that boosted traffic in less than 60 days

Question-based subject lines

Stir curiosity and provide valuable information with these question-based subject lines:

  • What’s white hat link building?
  • What makes a quality backlink? 
  • How to acquire quality backlinks? 
  • Why is link building important for SEO? 
  • Ready to boost your domain authority?
  • How do guest posts earn backlinks?
  • Why are quality guest posts important?
  • What makes an expert link builder?
  • Is it important to hire a link builder?
  • Is it important to hire a guest posting author?
  • Should I hire a digital PR agency?
  • What is anchor text?
  • Why does anchor text matter?
  • 10 anchor text do’s and don’ts
  • Is link building relevant to my industry?
  • When should I see results from my outreach efforts?

Benefits-based subject lines

Show your audience what’s in it for them with subject lines like the ones below:

  • We only target high domain authority sites that produce results.
  • Focus on your business, we’ll take care of the links 
  • Never worry about increasing organic traffic again 
  • Not a link building specialist? We’ve got your back 
  • Land top-tier backlinks in days 
  • Never guess your link building strategy again
  • Put an end to low-quality link building
  • Earn normally unreachable backlinks in days
  • No link building experience? No problem!
  • Five ways to gain more backlinks 
  • Unclear what link building is? Here’s the story in a nutshel

Note that the better your email’s subject line fits in the scope of interest of your buyer persona, the higher open rate you’ll get at the end of your campaign. 

7. Test your subject lines 

After you’ve brainstormed and created plenty of link building outreach subject line options, run A/B testing campaigns to discover which lines perform best.

You can also send out surveys and questionnaires, hire a focus group, or ask an experienced  virtual assistant to handle testing for you.

8. Create, finalize, and automate your campaigns 

Once you have a feel for the subject lines that perform best, start creating, finalizing, and automating your outreach campaigns. 

Segment your campaigns by prospect type and schedule them to send automatically. 

There’s a caveat here, though. 

While automating your campaigns is essential to streamlining your outreach processes, it’s vital to stay armed and ready to respond to and nurture prospects when you get a reply from them. 

In other words, make sure you know how to continue the conversation effectively so you can nudge your prospect closer to the finish line — otherwise known as conversion.

And that brings us to …

9. Create follow-up sequences 

Keep the outreach momentum going by staying in touch with prospects, even if they haven’t said yes to you or responded to any of your emails.

Speed up the process by using tools like follow-up email templates and an AI-powered sales outreach platform.

When creating your follow-up sequences, segment your customers by pain point, need, or other pertinent information, such as:

  • Time of last follow-up
  • Core solution you’re presenting
  • Industry 
  • Business size
  • Sales revenue 
  • Competitor score

Continue building a relationship with the prospect over time until they become your customer. If you discover the target customer isn’t a good fit for your brand, consider removing them from your outreach list or spacing out your follow-up emails in case their needs change.

Wrap up 

Email marketing is a pivotal tool in your outreach arsenal. 

But that doesn’t mean that convincing your audience to open your emails comes easily.

With other brands on the hunt for your target customer’s attention, knowing how to stand out among the rest is crucial. While fool-proof strategies don’t exist, there are still best practices you can use to get one step closer to converting your prospects. 

And that’s why taking the time to thoroughly plan your link building outreach subject lines is so important. 

If you’re ready to get your foot in the door quicker, we hope today’s article has inspired you to create email subject lines that convert.

That’s it for today, friends. 

To your campaign’s success

Author Bio:

Joanne Camarce grows and strategizes B2B marketing and PR efforts. She loves slaying outreach campaigns and connecting with brands like G2, Wordstream, Process Street, and others. When she’s not wearing her marketing hat, you’ll find Joanne admiring Japanese music and art or just being a dog mom.

How to Create Link Building Outreach Subject Lines That Get Opened

As a link builder, SEO specialist, or sales rep, email marketing is a pivotal tool in your outreach arsenal.  But encouraging your audience to open your emails doesn’t always come easy … does it? With other brands competing for your target customer’s attention, you may be constantly wondering how to position yourself to stand out … Continue reading “How to Create Link Building Outreach Subject Lines That Get Opened”

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